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Password: GRND

Below where the vikings start are two creatures (easily destroyed by Erik or Baleog) and a piece of fruit. Erik should probably take the fruit because he will be in the most danger later. Erik must go to the left of the starting position and descend the ladder there. At the bottom is a corridor with a spinning grinder in the floor. Have Erik jump over it, and continue to the right to see an elevator. Above is a ledge with a switch. Have Erik jump to the ledge and hit the switch to deactivate the energy barrier. Now he can ride the elevator to the top where the other two vikings can get on and ride down. Now on the bottom level, have Erik continue to the right and jump over the next grinder to collect the gold key. Watch out for the laser at the end of the corridor! Now he can climb the ladder and kill the alien there, and use the gold key to open the door. At the top of the ladder, if Erik jumps to the left he will go through a false wall and get a hidden smart bomb. Once the door is unlocked, all three vikings can climb the ladder and walk to the teleporter. Once all three vikings are through the teleporter, have Olaf proceed to the right. There are a couple of anti-gravity fields with electricity at the top, and if a viking rides the anti-gravity and touches the electricity he will die instantly so be careful. If a viking stands anywhere in between the two sets of arrows, he will start to float upwards towards the electricity. Some blue robots are patrolling to the right, so have Olaf stand where the anti-gravity can't get to him and use his shield to block the robots so Baleog can destroy them. After the first anti-gravity field is a pair of anti-gravity boots which Erik can only reach if he jumps off of Olaf's shield. The boots must be used to counter the effect of the next anti-gravity field. When one viking uses the boots, the field is deactivated so all vikings can safely proceed. Don't be too hasty, though, because there are still a couple of blue robots to take care of before proceeding to the exit on the right.