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Password: PHR0

Begin by having Olaf walk to the left with his shield in front of him, so he can be positioned next to the grey wall. Now have Erik smash the wall with his head, and switch to Baleog so he can destroy the hopping soldier on the other side. Have Baleog keep going left and you'll see a button at the end of the corridor. Pay attention to the appearance of the floor; there are spikes visible beneath the floor on the left, and if any of the vikings are standing over these spikes when the button is pressed they will fall. Just have Baleog stand at a safe distance and fire an arrow at the button to activate it. Now have all three vikings fall down the shaft that has opened, and have Olaf fall again to block the fireballs from the statue on the left. Baleog must go right to take out the two hopping soldiers there, and once that is done all three vikings need to go all the way to the right of the corridor, past the part where there are more spikes in the floor, before one of them presses the next button. Now have Baleog fall down this shaft to take out the next hopping soldier, and then walk all the way to the left where the spike pits are. Have Erik stand next to Baleog, and have Baleog fire and arrow at the button. The wall disappears long enough for Erik to hop over the spikes so he can reach the switch, which makes a bridge over the spikes so the others can join him. Now, at the ladder, have Baleog fall down the ladderwell and move to the right. He will pass through a false wall, and must destroy the hopping soldier there. If he keeps walking to the right it will seem like a dead end, but Erik can use his head to smash the wall on the right, which is a shortcut straight to the level's exit!