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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Black Marble Gallery.png
  • Save Room: (30,24) and (32,24)
  • Warp Room: none
  • Exits: (1,26) to Reverse Outer Wall, (21,25) to Reverse Caverns, (31,26) to Death Wing's Lair, (40,25) to Necromancy Laboratory, (34,15) to Reverse Cursed Prison (Sega Saturn only), (41,15) to Reverse Entrance, and (29,24) to Reverse Center
  • Powerups: Life Vial x1, Heart Container x1
  • Relics: none
  • Enemies: Blade, Corpseweed, Gorgon, Guardian, Gurkha, Jack O'Bones, Medusa Head, Nova Skeleton, Stone Skull
  • Boss: ???
  • Items: Antivenom, Heart Refresh, Iron Ball, Library Card, Meal Ticket, Potion, Resist Dark, Resist Fire, Resist Holy, Resist Thunder
  • Notice: From (29,23) and above, the area counts as "Reverse Center", which is small with only one purpose.


From Reverse Outer Wall, it is the same long corridor, without the giant eyeball in the background. The left half is filled with Corpseweeds, and the right half with Stone Skulls and Jack O'Bones.
Watch your steps...
Starting from this room, watch every corner of floors, as there may be a spike contraption lurking in the corner, and suddenly pops out when you land on the floor. They are as hurt as standard spikes (about 1/8 of your max HP), without weakness against Spike Breaker. The room above has a lone Iron Ball, and the lower left with a Meal Ticket behind the blue door. Proceed to the lower right while getting rid of Jack O'Bones and Nova Skeletons.
The hole in the ceiling eventually leads to Reverse Caverns, with a much-needed save room. The next room on the right has nothing special.
You will face the strongest minions in the game, the Guardian. They are basically Armor Lords with a lot more HP, resistance to many elements, and faster movements. Even with Crissaegrim, they are very tough. There are two in the left clock corridor, and another two in the right clock corridor.
This is the reversed giant clock room, showing the same clock, ony reversed. The methods of sliding away the statues remain the same.
  • For the room unlocked with Stopwatch, there are some resist potions.
  • The statue sliding away every 2 minutes leads to Death Wing's Lair.
  • The hole in the center leads to a line-up of all sub-weapons, along with a Life Vial and a Heart Container.
  • Finally, you must collect all Vlad's pieces to gain access to above, with a Heart Refresh on the left, and a save room on the right.
Two Gorgons are among a pack of Jack O'Bones. Oddly, the Gorgon on the right will be missing when entering this room from the right. The right exit leads to a corridor of Stone Skulls, and eventually to Necromancy Laboratory.
To the left is another save room, a must for grinding Guardians.
While the bottom area has a Gorgon and a few Jack O'Bones, there is no enemy above, only an Antivenom and a Potion.
While it is a safe area in normal castle, you have to dodge Medusa Heads.
Spike contraptions, Jack O'Bones, Nova Skeletons and Stone Skulls are in the way. There is a Library Card between spike contraptions. To the upper right is an exit to Reverse Entrance. Sega Saturn players will also gain access to Reverse Cursed Prison at the upper left.