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If you are playing as Richter or Maria, please skip this page.

Getting Started[edit]

In order to solve the mystery, Alucard shall complete the following two objectives:
The description on these rings can be combined into "Wear in Clock Tower", which shows the next stop. However, this is a bad translation, because there is no such secret in the area of Clock Tower. Then, where is it?

Find the Secret[edit]

There is something wrong when the clock gongs 13 times.
The true location is the clock room in Marble Gallery, located in (30,21). The Japanese versions give the correct message of "Show us at the giant clock." Equip both rings in this room and the clock hands will point straight down, and after 13 gongs, the floor will open. Inside, there is a save room on the left, and a Life Vial and Heart Container in the right room. After that, take the middle elevator and move down.
In the area below, there is a single room surrounded by passages. Inside, Alucard will find Maria. It seems that she failed to save Richter, and come to ask for help. If you are playing other versions, Maria will simply give you the Holy Glasses and let you leave, but...

Boss: Maria Renard[edit]

You have no escape.
Caution: More attacks incoming.
Caution: Firebolts incoming.
If you are playing Sega Saturn (SS) version or Dracula X Chronicles (DXC) version, Maria will attempt to test your strength before handing out the Holy Glasses.
Characteristics (SS)
She starts with these moves: weak fireball, throwing daggers in her axe pattern, flying kick. After taking some damage, she will power herself up with some protecting orbs, and start to use a few more tricks, including her lightning fist (aka "Guardian's Knuckle", which is different from her Rondo one), flame burst, charged fireball, and an additional light blast.
Strategy (SS)
Put on your Holy Mail to reduce most of the damage she dealt. She is weak against dark element, and you shall have the Mormegil which fits this fight very well. While her orbs can deal various elemental damage, you can simply cast Soul Steal to recover a lot of HP.
Characteristics (DXC)
This version will keep distance with you, while poping out her animal friends. Getting close may cause her to pull fire wings. There is only one time where she will use her Bird Item Crush after taking severe damage, of firing several fire bolts forward.
Strategy (DXC)
While you have no orbs for soul steal, you may want to use mist form to dodge her item crush. Others are the same as in SS version.

Challenge Richter[edit]

This time, the Belmont is not the player.
You can challenge Richter without obtaining the Holy Glasses, but the outcome will differ if you have it. To start, he is waiting for you at the throne room, located in (31,3) of Castle Keep.
Starting with a Grand Cross, he has more sub-weapons than in the Prologue five years ago. He will also use those special moves. After taking some damage, he will enchant himself with fire whip, and he will start spamming other item crushes, after using a Hydro Storm. If you are playing Sega Saturn version, Richter will be in his cloak outfit.
Most of his attacks have holy element, so that Holy Mail still works. He is strong against holy element and weak against dark element. Take this in mind. Read the spoilers below for the consequenses based on your action.
The fight
It seems that you can equip Mormegil or other deadly weapons to defeat him for good, but this will result in two bad endings:
Beat Richter without getting Holy Glasses
The castle will collapse and Alucard will leave, then the credits will roll.
Beat Richter after getting Holy Glasses
The castle will also collapse, but Maria will also be out, and claim to find the reason of Richter's madness, and leave. Then the credits will also roll.
The correct method
You shall equip the Holy Glasses in this fight (and Alucard will have an additional speech if you initiate the fight with Holy Glasses already equipped). If you do so, you will find a strange green orb floating above Richter, and all you need to do is to smash this green orb a few times. Then the mystery will be solved: It is Shaft controlling Richter. After a cutscene of the reverse castle, the story will move on.

Road to the Sky[edit]

And the candles suddenly pop out.
There is no time to explain the relationship with Trevor. Alucard tells Maria to evacuate with Richter, and he will finish the rest off. Then he will walk to the left, stand in the leftmost room and activate the warp to reverse castle. Later, you can use the same spot for warping at any time. For those playing Sega Saturn version, you will get Godspeed Boots while Alucard is heading to the warp. This item allows you to run instead of walk.
In the DXC version, Richter and Maria will stay in the room, and can be talked with.