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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Reverse Clock Tower.png
  • Save Room: none
  • Warp Room: none
  • Exits: (22,41) to Reverse Keep, and (1,37) to Reverse Outer Wall
  • Powerups: Life Vial x1, Heart Container x1
  • Relics: Ring of Vlad (21,41)
  • Enemies: Bomb Knight, Cloaked Knight, Medusa Head (yellow only), Valhalla Knight
  • Boss: Darkwing Bat (21,41)
  • Items: Bwaka Knife, Diamond, Dragon Helm, Karma Coin, Magic Missile, Life Apple, Luminus, Moon Rod, Pot Roast, Shuriken, Smart Potion, Str. Potion, Sunstone, TNT

Boss: Darkwing Bat[edit]

First chapter of nostalgia.

The very first room is a boss room, where you can find Ring of Vlad.

Unlike the old ones, this giant bat has gained new moves while flying in the room. His attacks include a drill spin, blowing wind to knock you on the wall, and trying to catch you with wings.
Being the weakest of the guardians, he will not take much damage. Stay below him and you can dodge most of the attacks.

Continue Exploring[edit]

Like the normal counterpart, you will not find any save room before leaving this area.

The very same items can be found in the same walls, including Shuriken, Bwaka Knife and TNT.
Oddly, the Bomb Knights are not affected by those spiked platforms. While their bombs are deadly, you can knock them back and blow them up for good. Do not stay below spiked platforms. The upper right corner leads to a hidden room with Moon Rod, and there is a Pot Roast at the same wall in normal castle.
The Cloaked Knights have taken over the area with yellow Medusa Heads. The gears are still there in the walls, and they will unlock the very same room, this time with a Diamond, a Life Apple and a Sunstone. Also, the same wall can be broken, and there is only another Cloaked Knight guarding a Life Vial and a Heart Container.
For map percentage, just go up while dodging Medusa Heads. Both exits on the left lead to same area.
You are again in a huge room, but the reversed bridges will not break. Above the bridges you can find Karma Coin and Magic Missile, and the three platforms below hold Smart Potion, Luminus and Str. Potion. Two Valhalla Knights are roaming at the "floor", and the lower left corner has a small room with Dragon Helm, one of the stolen gears. Now you can leave this area and move to Reverse Outer Wall.