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Area Briefing[edit]

Note: Orange rooms do not appear in Sega Saturn version.

Castlevania SotN area map Reverse Caverns.png
  • Save Room: (21,24), (21,14) and (18,18)
  • Warp Room: none
  • Exits: (21,25) to Black Marble Gallery, (25.17) to Reverse Cursed Prison (Sega Saturn only), (46,10) to Reverse Entrance, and (33,13) to Cave
  • Powerups: Life Vial x2, Heart Container x2
  • Relics: Force of Echo (6,10)
  • Enemies: Balloon Pod, Blue Venus Weed, Cave Troll, Dark Octopus, Killer Fish, Imp, Jack O'Bones, Nova Skeleton, Rock Knight
  • Boss: Doppelganger40 (21,12)
  • Items: Alucard Shield, Bat Pentagram, Dark Blade, Diamond, Elixir, Garnet, Manna Prism, Meal Ticket, Opal, Osafune Katana, Peanuts, Potion, Pot Roast, Shiitake, Toadstool, Zircon


Assume that you come from Black Marble Gallery.

The first pot contains a Zircon. Use the save room nearby first. This shaft has no enemies, unlike the other ones. There is a candle of $400 bag at the bottom of the long pit.
You need to deal with Jack O'Bones and Nova Skeletons. There is a Cross in this room. The room to the right has a Life Vial, and behind the wall is a rare Diamond.
While going upward, beware of Balloon Pods. Near the top is an exit to the right, with an Imp outside another room containing an Opal. Sega Saturn players will also find the entrance to Reverse Cursed Prison.
Another room with Jack O'Bones, Nova Skeletons, and a Cross.
At the bottom is yet another Jack O'Bones in front of a pot of Heart Container. Beware of Balloon Pods above. All pots in the next room contain Meal Tickets.
This seemingly empty room actually has a Peanut hidden on the floor. What makes this room special is that, this Peanut respawns every time you enter the room, meaning that you can collect as many as you like.
Use the save room on the left if necessary. The upper left leads to a boss room. Break the "ceiling" to visit the icy cave area.
How to explore the roof.
No boats needed, but you need to deal with Blue Venus Weeds and Cave Trolls. They really hurt. In order to explore all rooms, you must super-jump to hit the "ceiling", and transform into wolf before falling down. In PSX versions you can also use wolf form to swim. On the way you can find an Elixir and a Manna Prism. The far left end is a room with Force of Echo, which makes your echo in bat form a weapon.
After the boss room is a rather empty corridor, with another Zircon. The left end is empty. Drop below and...
So... many... octupi...
This is the infamous room flooded with Dark Octopus. Killing them is not easy, and they spawn as soon as you walk far away. The good news is, they drop a lot of Green Tea and Sushi, and since they bleed, it is very convenient to build up your Muramasa. Apart from that, the pot on the left contains pot Roast, and the room on the right has a Dark Blade.
After a Jack O'Bones, you will face Rock Knights and more Blue Venus Weeds, and there are Killer Fish in the water. Collect Shiitake on the floor, and many other goodies in the water.
The upper exit leads to Cave.
There is a Bat Pentagram in the water flow. Simply jump from the right to reach it.
To the right is a Garnet. You can find Shiitake and a Toadstool on the right wall. The cave behind the waterfall has an Osafune Katana.
You will face Jack O'Bones before reaching the hole in the middle. Drop down for another Shiitake and the exit to Reverse Entrance. Proceed to find a pack of Cave Trolls, with a lone candle of a whopping $2000 bag. At the far right end, you can finally recover Alucard Shield, one of your starting gear, and the strongest shield.

Boss: Doppelganger40[edit]

"It's me again..."
This time he is armed with Terminus Est (poison) and Stone Sword (stone). He also throws Rebound Stones in threes. While he still performs Wing Smash, he also learns to transform into mist to dodge some attacks.
And he is still weak against many elements. Besides of Red Rust, your arsenal shall have been full of toys to play with him. A Topaz Circlet shall nullify his sword swing. For Richter, Hydro Storm is not so effective however.