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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Olrox's Quarters.png
  • Save Room: (29,12)
  • Warp Room: (35,16)
  • Exits: (28,20) to Marble Gallery, (24,17) to Colosseum, and (15,14) to Royal Chapel
  • Powerups: Heart Container x1
  • Relics: Echo of Bat (14,11), Half-Faerie Card (n/a in NA/EU) (18,13), Sword Card ((18,13) in NA/EU, and (31,13) in others)
  • Enemies: Blade, Bloody Zombie, Hammer, Skelerang, Spectral Sword, Valhalla Knight
  • Boss: Olrox (18,11)
  • Items: Broadsword, Cheese, Estoc, Garnet (NA/EU only), Iron Ball, Luck Potion, Manna Prism, Resist Fire

First Visit[edit]

Before gaining flying ability, you shall bypass this area to arrive in Colosseum.

Your first enemies are a few Skelerangs. Move up and go through (26,18) the empty room.
This large room has a lone Spectral Sword. You will eventually leave from (25,17) and move to Colosseum, but you may wish to open the warp room first by moving to (27,16). The lower right corner seems to be a dead end, but you can break the wall and find Broadsword, Cheese and Onyx in the room behind.
A Hammer and a Blade roam in the corridor. The next room is also empty.
A hole in the ceiling indicates more area available later. For now, activate the warp room on the right, and continue your journey.

Second Visit[edit]

With Soul of Bat and maybe Gravity Boots, you may explore the remaining half of the area.

Start from here and move up. In the long shaft you can find Luck Potion, Manna Prism and Resist Fire.
In this corridor you may notice the spikes in the ceiling. For now, get rid of Bloody Zombies, collect the Estoc from the lone pot in the left end, and drop down.
This 6x4 large room is rather empty, but there are Valhalla Knights on the ground, and the fountain in the middle will start pouring bloody water when you get close. For the exits, the upper left corner leads to Olrox, the lower left to a corridor to Royal Chapel, the middle upper right with a save room, and the middle lower right with some goods.
This short corridor is empty. In the other side, you will find a Garnet in NA/EU versions, or the Sword Card otherwise.
You will run into more Bloody Zombies before the Heart Container. Part of the corridor is different, and at (17,14), break the ceiling to get inside for Half-Faerie Card, or Sword Card if former is not available in current version. Leave from (16,14), and you can connect this area with Royal Chapel.
You can find an Iron Ball before squeezing into the narrow passage. A boss is waiting behind the yellow door...

Boss: Olrox[edit]

He may seem to like to have a talk...
But he can be angry with your disturbance.
Olrox starts in his suit, teleporting in the room and summoning bats and skulls, with occasional shots from his hand. Beat him and he transforms into a large green monster which spews laser and fire.
For his first form, focus your attack on himself, and block other stuffs with your shield. In his second form, his laser does not deal direct damage, but inflicts explosion on the ground, which shall be dodged. You shall also focus on his head which takes more damage than his body and tail.
There is an empty chair in the room which you can sit on, but it will likely break with the table when the battle starts. After his second defeat, his skeleton will try to lunge you in Metroid way, but it is useless.


In the far end you can collect Echo of Bat, which is important for your exploration of Catacombs. It is time to leave.