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Most of the items in this page can be found in many locations, so that the location will not be listed here. A tag of "(SS)" indicates that it is only found in Sega Saturn version.

Items dropped by enemies[edit]

Sometimes the enemies will drop hearts and money bags. If you have enabled Cube of Zoe, all candles will drop these items, too.

Name Description
Small Heart 1 heart
Big Heart 5 hearts
Coin $1
Red Money Bag $25
Orange Money Bag $50
Yellow Money Bag $100
Green Money Bag $250
Blue Money Bag $400
White Money Bag $1000
Black Money Bag $2000

Permanent items[edit]


There are two items which can boost player's attributes.

  • Castlevania SotN Life Vial.gif The Life Vial can be found in various locations, and after beating any boss who does not carry a relic of Vlad. It gives +5 to Alucard's max HP, or +10 to Richter or Maria's HP, then it also refills user's HP to full.
  • Castlevania SotN Heart Container.gif The Heart Container can be found in various locations. For Alucard, it adds 5 to both max Heart and current Heart. For Richter or Maria, it gives 30 hearts but does nothing with max Heart value.

Shop items[edit]

The following items can be bought at the Long Library, however they will not show up in your inventory.

  • The price of Castle Map seems to be affected by tax rate in Japan by the time of game release.
  • Spell books will only appear at certain period if you have never used the corresponding spell. If you already input the correct command of a spell, it will be remembered in your menu, and the spell book will not be for sale.
  • Spell books 6-8 are only available in Dracula X Chronicles version.
Name Description Price
Castle Map Partial map of normal castle $103(PSX) / $105(SS)
Spell Book 1 Learn the command of Dark Metamorphosis $500
Spell Book 2 Learn the command of Summon Spirit $1500
Spell Book 3 Learn the command of Hellfire $5000
Spell Book 4 Learn the command of Tetra Spirit $8000
Spell Book 5 Learn the command of Soul Steal $15000
Spell Book 6 Learn the command of Wolf Charge
Require Skill of Wolf
Spell Book 7 Learn the command of Wing Smash $2000
Spell Book 8 Learn the command of Sword Brothers
Only available if your Sword Familiar is above Lv 50

Healing & Support items[edit]

Items: 21 in PS version and 22 in SS version.

Name Type Effect Source
(SS) Autograph Medicine Cannot be equipped
Related to game release event
Found: Underground Gardens
Library Card Medicine Teleport user to outside of the Master Librarian's room (PSX)
Teleport user into the Master Librarian's room(SS)
Buy: $500
Health restoration
Potion Medicine Restore 50 HP Buy: $800
Drop: Bat, Corpseweed, (SS)Will O' Wisp
High Potion Medicine Restore 100 HP Buy: $2000
Drop: Flea Armor
Elixir Medicine Restore all HP Buy: $8000
Status restoration
Life Apple Medicine Revive Alucard when out of HP
Only Faeries can use
Drop: Harpy
Hammer Medicine Cure petrify status
Only Faeries can use
Buy: $200
Drop: Gorgon, Hammer, (SS)Gargolye (Lv.35)
Antivenom Medicine Cure poison status Buy: $200
Drop: Bone Pillar, Corpseweed, Ghost, (SS)Jinnunja, (SS)Spectre
Uncurse Medicine Cure curse status Buy: $200
Drop: Ectoplasm
Heart Refresh Medicine Restore 500 hearts Drop: Archer, Blue Venus Weed, Venus Weed
Manna Prism Medicine Restore all MP Buy: $4000
Drop: Ectoplasm, Salome, (SS)Spectre, (SS)Will O' Wisp
Resist medicines
Resist Dark Medicine Gain resistance to dark element for a while Drop: Karasuman, Phantom Skull
Resist Fire Medicine Gain resistance to fire element for a while Drop: Gremlin
Resist Holy Medicine Gain resistance to holy element for a while -
Resist Ice Medicine Gain resistance to ice element for a while Drop: Fishhead
Resist Stone Medicine Gain resistance to stone element for a while Drop: Medusa Head (both types), (SS)Gargoyle (Lv.25)
Resist Thunder Medicine Gain resistance to thunder element for a while -
Temporary power-ups
Attack Potion Medicine Gain ATK +20 for a while -
Str. Potion Medicine Gain STR +20 for a while Drop: Wereskeleton
Shield Potion Medicine Gain DEF +20 for a while Drop: Skeleton
Smart Potion Medicine Gain INT +20 for a while Drop: Marionette
Luck Potion Medicine Gain LCK +20 for a while Drop: Bitterfly, Imp


All other foods can be obtained by using a Meal Ticket. In order to use foods, equip at hand and press Attack, and mostly the food will be dropped on the ground, then pick the food up to gain healing.
Items: 42 in PS version and 44 in SS version.

Name Type Effect Source
Meal ticket Food Cause a random food to appear Buy: $2000
Drop: Black Panther, Stone Rose
Toadstool Food Causes poison
Heal for 1 with Topaz Circlet
(SS) Smelly rice Food Causes poison
Heal for 1 with Topaz Circlet
Grapes Food Heal for 5 Drop: Thornweed
Orange Food Heal for 6 Drop: (SS)Gardener
Banana Food Heal for 7 Drop: Skeleton Ape, (SS)Hitotorisou
Pineapple Food Heal for 8 -
Apple Food Heal for 9 Drop: Harpy, (SS)Jinnunja
Chinese bun Food Heal for 10 -
Strawberry Food Heal for 10 Drop: Thornweed
(green tea in US)
Food Heal for 10 Drop: Dark Octopus, Tombstone
Shortcake Food Heal for 11 Drop: Salem Witch
Red bean bun Food Heal for 12 Drop: Black Crow
Tart Food Heal for 12 Drop: Diplocephalus
Cheesecake Food Heal for 14 Drop: Hunting Girl
Ice cream Food Heal for 15 Drop: Frozen Shade
(barley tea in US)
Food Heal for 15 Drop: Ouija Table
Parfait Food Heal for 16 -
Pork bun Food Heal for 17 Drop: Blue Raven
Pudding Food Heal for 17 -
Cheese Food Heal for 18 Drop: Flea Man
Frankfurter Food Heal for 19 Drop: Flying Zombie
Hamburger Food Heal for 20 -
Miso soup Food Heal for 20 Drop: Grave Keeper
(grape juice in US)
Food Heal for 20 Other: May appear in the Conference Room in Royal Chapel
Pizza Food Heal for 21 Drop: Frog, Toad
Ham and eggs Food Heal for 22 Drop: Bone Halberd, Flea Rider
Omelette Food Heal for 23 -
Morning set Food Heal for 24 Drop: Ouija Table
Lunch A Food Heal for 25 Drop: Tin Man
Lunch B Food Heal for 26 -
Spaghetti Food Heal for 27 -
Curry rice Food Heal for 28 -
Gyros plate Food Heal for 29 -
Dim sum set Food Heal for 30 -
Shiitake Food Heal for 30 -
Ramen Food Heal for 30 Drop: Schmoo
Natou Food Heal for 32 Drop: Grave Keeper
Pot roast Food Heal for 50 Drop: Flail Guard
Peanuts Food Heal for 50
It will be thrown upwards:
stand below and hold Up dpad to eat
Drop: (SS)Gardener
(SS) Delicious meal Food Heal for 75 -
Turkey Food Heal for 80 Drop: Flea Rider
Sirloin Food Heal for 100 Drop: Lossoth, Minotaur
Sushi Food Heal for 100 Drop: Dark Octopus, Killer Fish

Attack items[edit]

Note: only 50% of the STR attribute will be applied to damage calculations if Strength is less than the Attack value in the table.

  • Throws: 15 in both PS and SS versions.
  • Bombs: 5 in both PS and SS versions.
Name Type Atk Effect Source
Monster Vial 2 Throw 25 Summon a Bat which swoops forward slowly Drop: Bat
Boomerang Throw 30 Fly forward then return at higher altitude Buy: $500
Drop: Skelerang
Bwaka Knife Throw 30 Goes forward in spiral track Buy: $400
Drop: Poltergeist (of Spectral Sword Lv.13)
Magic Missile Throw 30 Summon a magic bow which will shoot a single arrow forward Buy: $300
Drop: Bone Archer, Bone Musket, Sniper of Goth
Monster Vial 3 Throw 30 Summon a Skeleton which throws 3 bones in different angles Drop: Bone Ark, Nova Skeleton, Skeleton, Yorick
Neutron Bomb Bomb 30 Deal full screen damage Drop: Cave Troll, Plate Lord
Monster Vial 1 Throw 40 Summon a Merman which shoots 3 firebolts forward Drop: Merman (both)
Power of Sire Bomb 40 Deal full screen damage
8 hits each use
Fire Boomerang Throw 50 Fly forward then return at higher altitude
Fire element
Buy: $1000
Drop: Skelerang
Javelin Throw 50 Throw a spear in slightly curve track forward Buy: $800
Drop: Bone Halberd, Scarecrow, Spear (of Spectral Sword Lv.36), Spear Guard, Winged Guard
Shuriken Throw 50 Fly straight forward Buy: $2400
Drop: Flying Zombie, Jack O'Bones
Pentagram Bomb 50 Deal full screen damage Drop: Ctulhu, Diplocephalus, Spellbook, (SS)Wraith
Karma Coin Bomb 50 Toss a coin with two effects after landing
Heads: an angel appears and uses Soul Steal for a while
Tails: a lightning bolt lands directly on the coin.
Does not hurt user
Drop: Fire Warg, Orobourous
TNT Throw 60 Throw forward with minor blunt damage
Explode on landing and create fire pillar
Drop: Bomb Knight, Skeleton Ape
Iron Ball Throw 60 Throw a heavy ball forward
Roll down slopes
Deal damage whenever moving
Drop: Plate Lord, Skull (Yorick), Spiked Ball
Cross Shuriken Throw 70 Fly straight forward Buy: $5000
Drop: Blade Master
Buffalo Star Throw 90 Fly straight forward Buy: $8000
Drop: Ghost Dancer
Bat Pentagram Bomb 99 Deal full screen damage Drop: Ctulhu
Dynamite Throw 100 Throw a pack of dynamite forward which will explode after 3 seconds
Sometimes it may come out dud and do nothing
Fire element
Drop: Bomb Knight
Flame Star Throw 100 Fly straight forward
Fire element
Buy: $15000
Drop: Jack O'Bones