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If you see any item with "(SS)" label, then it only appears in Sega Saturn version.
For each weapon, these labels in description identify a certain control pattern:
  • (A): Down dpad then Right dpad then attack button.
  • (B): Left dpad then Right dpad then attack button.
  • (C): Press both attack buttons at the same time, with correct item in the other hand.
Your final ATT will receive a penalty of -50% STR if actual STR is lower than weapon ATT. For the weapons with variable ATT value, they use their basic ATT value to calculate, which means that weapons like Muramasa (-5) and Badelaire (0) will not have penalty.


Items: 9 in PS version and 10 in SS version.

Name Type ATT Special Source
Stone Sword Dagger 1 Stone element Drop: Gorgon
Basilard Dagger 1 (B): Slash (ATT +5) Found: Alchemy Laboratory
Drop: Bloody Zombie
Short Sword Dagger 2 - Drop: Bone Scimitar
Holbein Dagger Dagger 6 Swing as you walk
Attacks diagonically
Drop: Lesser Demon
Rapier Dagger 7 (A): Repeated strike (ATT +8) Drop: Dhuron, Armor Lord
(SS) Astral Dagger Dagger 12 (A): Fly to nearest enemy Found: Cursed Dungeon
Jewel Sword Dagger 15 Enemy killed by this may drop extra Jewels
(A): Swing creates up to 8 small coins
Found: Entrance
Drop: Discus Lord
Were Bane Dagger 18 Not actually stronger against were-beasts
(A): Repeated strike
Drop: Hunting Girl
Shotel Dagger 20 (A): Throw like a ranged weapon Found: Reverse Outer Wall
Drop: Blade Master
Combat Knife Dagger 24 (A) or (B): Slash Found: Abandoned Mine
Drop: Gurkha

One-handed swords[edit]

Items: 33 in both PS and SS versions.

Name Type ATT Special Source
Tyrfing Sword -30 Dark element Found: Castle Keep
Badelaire Sword 0 +1 ATT for every hour passed Found: Forbidden Library
Sword Familiar Sword 0 Gain ATT equal to level of sword familiar Other: Sword Familiar reaches Lv.50
Alucart Sword Sword 2 Equip with Alucart Shield and Alucart Mail for Luck +30 Found: Marble Gallery
Gladius Sword 3 - Found: Outer Wall
Scimitar Sword 5 - Found: Underground Caverns
Drop: Skull Lord
Cutlass Sword 7 - Found: Royal Chapel
Drop: Sword Lord, Corner Guard, Owl Knight
Saber Sword 9 - Buy: $1500
Drop: Armor Lord, Magic Tome
Falchion Sword 10 - Found: Castle Keep
Broadsword Sword 12 - Found: Olrox's Quarters
Drop: Spectral Sword (Lv.13 and Lv.15)
Bekatowa Sword 14 - Found: Clock Tower
Drop: Sword Lord
Damascus Sword Sword 17 - Buy: $4000
Drop: Corner Guard
Hunter Sword Sword 20 DEF -1 Drop: Blade
Bastard Sword Sword 20 - Found: Reverse Keep
Drop: Spectral Sword (Lv.13 and Lv.15)
Talwar Sword 22 - Found: Anti-Chapel
Sword of Hador Sword 24 - Found: Death Wing's Lair
Mormegil Sword 25 Dark element Found: Catacombs
Firebrand Sword 25 Fire element
(A): Fire blast (ATT 40 for 5 MP)
Buy: $10000
Drop: Lossoth
Icebrand Sword 25 Ice element
(A): Ice blast (ATT 40 for 5 MP)
Buy: $10000
Found: Catacombs
Drop: Fishead
Thunderbrand Sword 25 Thunder element
(A): Thunder slash (ATT 40 for 5 MP)
Buy: $10000
Gurthang Sword 25 DEF +1
Double damage during manual Dark Metamorphosis
(A): Stronger Swing with brief Dark Metamorphosis effect
Drop: Spectral Sword (Lv.36)
Vorpal Blade Sword 25 Swing as you walk Drop: Archer
Holy Sword Sword 26 Holy element
(A): Holy Burst (ATT 35 for 5 MP)
Found: Colosseum
Drop: Vandal Sword
Luminus Sword 26 - Found: Reverse Clock Tower
Harper Sword 28 - Buy: $12000
Gram Sword 30 - Found: Reverse Colosseum
Terminus Est Sword 32 DEF +2
Poison element
Drop: Nova Skeleton
Marsil Sword 33 DEF +1
Fire element
(A): Inferno blast (ATT 60 for 5 MP)
Drop: Fire Demon, (SS)Efreet
Dark Blade Sword 35 DEF +2 Found: Reverse Caverns
Crissaegrim Sword 36 DEF +1
Swing as you walk
4 hits each swing
Drop: Schmoo
Mourneblade Sword 36 DEF +1
Hitting anything causes Soul Steal, heals 8 HP
Drop: Azaghal
Mablung Sword Sword 39 (C): Trigger shield spells Drop: Spectral Sword (Lv.36)
Alucard Sword Sword 42 (A): Teleport and attack from behind (50 ATT for 5 MP) Starting gear
Found: Cave

Ranged weapons[edit]

All of them can be thrown further by pressing Front + Attack.
Items: 3 in both PS and SS versions.

Name Type ATT Special Source
Chakram Throw 1 15 Two can be thrown at the same time Drop: Discus Lord
Heaven Sword Throw 1 21 DEF -1
(C): Equip two to use Trick Swords (5 MP, ATK +50)
Drop: Cloaked Knight
Runesword Throw 1 40 DEF -4 Drop: Dodo Bird

Two-handed weapons[edit]

Items: 16 in PS version and 18 in SS version.

Name Type ATT Special Source
Muramasa Two-hand -5 DEF -4
Continuous Dark Metamorphosis effect
Suck blood to gain attack
Slash Flurry when actual ATT is 30 or above
Drop: Vandal Sword, Scarecrow, (SS)Wraith
Namakura Two-hand -5 Curse element Drop: Blade Soldier
Red Rust Two-hand -2 Curse element
Occasionally fails to attack
Drop: Bone Scimitar
Takemitsu Two-hand 1 Blunt weapon (can kill Slimes) Found: Long Library
Drop: Fleaman, Puppet Sword
Nunchaku Two-hand 10 2 hits each attack Found: Underground Caverns
Claymore Two-hand 26 (B): Dash Thrust (4 MP) Found: Underground Caverns
Drop: Valhalla Knight
Sword of Dawn Two-hand 27 (A): Summon a random type of Dawn Warriors (4 MP) Found: Reverse Keep
(SS) Alucard Spear Two-hand 28 (A): Repeated Thrust
(B): Long range thrust
Found: Hell Garden
Flamberge Two-hand 31 (B): Dash Thrust (4 MP) Drop: Cloaked Knight
Katana Two-hand 32 (A): Slash Flurry Found: Necromancy Laboratory
Drop: Tombstone
Zwei Hander Two-hand 38 (B): Dash Thrust (4 MP) Drop: Blue Venus Weed
Estoc Two-hand 39 Attack is thrust Found: Olrox's Quarters
Drop: Valhalla Knight
(SS) Double Blade Axe Two-hand 42 - Drop: Gargoyle (Lv.35)
Obsidian Sword Two-hand 42 (B): Dash Thrust (4 MP) Drop: Lesser Demon
Osafune Katana Two-hand 50 DEF -10
(A): Warp attack
(B): Slash Flurry
Found: Reverse Caverns
Yasutsuna Two-hand 60 DEF -20
Swing as you walk
2 hits each swing
Drop: Werewolf
Great Sword Two-hand 65 - Drop: Guardian
Masamune Two-hand 90 DEF -30
(A): Warp attack
Drop: Black Panther

Things Sword of Dawn may summon:

  • One Skeletal Soldier with spear and charge forward.
  • Same as above but with a shield.
  • One crouching Skeletal Archer.
  • One standing Skeletal Archer.
  • One Skeletal Mage casting a fireball.
  • One Skeletal Esper shooting homing arrows.
  • All above at once, one each.


Items: 6 in both PS and SS versions.

Name Type ATT Special Source
Mace Club 9 - Buy: $2000
Morningstar Club 11 - Found: Royal Chapel
Drop: Flail Guard
Shield Rod Club 11 DEF +2
Gain another DEF +2 with a shield in the other hand
(B): Summon a Gradius-style barrier
(C): Trigger shield spells
Found: Colosseum
Holy Rod Club 12 Holy element
(B): Holy Blast
Found: Long Library
Star Flail Club 15 (B): Power Flail Found: Clock Tower
Moon Rod Club 17 (A): Shoot five crescents (4 MP) Found: Reverse Clock Tower

Fist Weapons[edit]

Items: 5 in both PS and SS versions.

Name Type ATT Special Source
Empty hand Fist 0 Only happens when you have no weapon equipped -
Knuckle Duster Fist 1 - Found: Underground Caverns
Drop: Frog
Blue Knuckles Fist 8 Release upper cuts
Attack as you walk
Drop: Toad
Jewel Knuckles Fist 21 - Found: Outer Wall
Drop: Rock Knight
Iron Fist Fist 26 (A): Flurry of Fists Drop: Werewolf
Fist of Tulkas Fist 38 (A): Homing Fireball
(B): Flurry of Fists
Drop: Lion


You must equip either Shield Rod or Mablung Sword at the other hand, and press both attack buttons to activate the shield spell.
Items: 13 in PS version and 14 in SS version.
Name DEF Special Shield Spell Source
Alucart Shield 1 Equip with Alucart Sword and Alucart Mail for Luck +30 No effect Found: Marble Gallery
Leather Shield 1 - Raise defense Buy: $400
Found: Alchemy Laboratory
Drop: Slinger, Stone Roses
Medusa Shield 1 ATT +13
Stone element attack on contact
Immune to stone
Fire rays Drop: Medusa Head
Knight Shield 2 - Raise offense Found: Colosseum
Drop: Slinger, Shield (from Spectral Sword Lv.36)
Iron Shield 2 Gain brief invincibility whenever blocking projectiles with shield Throw two swords dealing multiple hits Buy: $3980
Drop: Winged Guard
(SS) Woodland Shield 3 - Shoot a vine with multiple hits Drop: Hitotorisou
Dark Shield 3 ATT+10
Dark element attack on contact
Cause a full-screen dark blast Drop: Malachi
Axelord Shield 3 - Summon an Axe Armor which charges forward Drop: Axe Knight (Blue)
Shaman Shield 4 - Raise intelligence Found: Clock Tower
Herald Shield 4 Gain 1 heart whenever blocking projectiles with shield Protect from fire & thunder Found: Underground Caverns
Skull Shield 4 - Shoot laser Drop: Bone Ark, Skull Lord, Yorick
Fire Shield 4 Immune to Fire Shoot three fire serpents Drop: Fire Demon
Goddess Shield 4 - Protect from dark attacks Found: Necromancy Laboratory
Alucard Shield 5 - Gain all elements and steal HP and hearts from enemies on contact Starting gear
Found: Underground Caverns