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Area Briefing[edit]

Castlevania SotN area map Colosseum.png
  • Save Rooms: (12,18), and (23,18)
  • Warp Room: none
  • Exits: (11,17) to Royal Chapel, and (24,17) to Olrox's Quarters
  • Powerups: Heart Container x1
  • Relics: Form of Mist (19,17), Tengu Card (17,15) (n/a in NA/EU versions)
  • Enemies: Armor Lord, Axe Knight (blue), Blade Soldier, Blade Master, Bone Musket, Bone Scimitar, Grave Keeper, Hunting Girl, Owl, Owl Knight, Paranthropus, Plate Lord, Valhalla Knight
  • Bosses: Minotaurus and Werewolf (7,22)
  • Items: Blood Cloak, Green Tea, Holy Sword (NA/EU only), Knight Shield, Library Card, Shield Rod


You may have entered here earlier from Royal Chapel, but all you can do is to grab a Knight Shield and leave. Later, you will return from the other side and step on the switch to lower the wall.
The first thing of entering here is to move down and use (23,18) to save. You can see the Form of Mist behind a grate, but leave it behind now.
The two-story basement has a few Hunting Girls, and a Paranthropus at the B2F with some Bone Scimitars. The elevator is stuck. Notice that, a similar Behemoth from Rondo of Blood is lying in the background of Room 204.
A few Blade Soldiers are guarding a Heart Container and some sub-weapons. Pick your choice.
This lone bloody room has a Blood Cloak. Put it on if you haven't bought anything better.
Two Valhalla Knight are running back and forth, with two blue Axe Knights roaming. Keep distance so that you will not be knocked away.
The other side of basement is more dangerous, with Armor Lord, Plate Lord and two Owl Knights. Use (12,18) to save when necessary.
A lone Grave Keeper is sitting in front of some Green Tea (aka "Sake" in Japanese versions, censored here due to American law).
One of the most deadly "monster combo" rooms, where an Armor Lord stands at entrance, and packs of Bone Muskets shooting from behind. Hold your shield well and move on. The reward is also good: A Shield Rod which can trigger shield spells, and a $1000 bag in the leftmost fire. You can grind this $1000 bag as many times as you wish.
The upper floor has a few Blade Soldiers and Blade Masters. You can break the ceiling of (18,16), but you can't get inside now.
The lower dark passage leads to boss room. As Alucard, you can find a Library Card at the end of passage. As Richter or Maria, the boss room will be empty.

Boss: Minotaurus and Werewolf[edit]

Alucard:"Something is wrong..."
Guess who is in? Richter Belmont, sitting in a throne and referring himself as "master of the castle". This is odd because he shall be one of the strongest Belmonts. He will summon the two werebeasts and disappear.
The two have gained a few combo skills in sleeves: 1) Both will perform a charging attack from two sides, 2) The Minotaurus will pick up Werewolf and launch him, the latter performing a further rolling attack, 3) The Werewolf tosses an energy ball, and the Minotaurus will knock it back with his axe, and 4) The Werewolf will go to ceiling and perform a downward pummel, while the Minotaurus will unleash an uppercut from below. On their own, Werewolf can perform short jabs and sliding kick, and Minotaurus will swing his axe.
The combo skills are fearsome, so that dispatch either first is a good idea. With Shield Rod, you can make the battle easier with shield spells, especially if you have a handy Iron Shield.


Step on the switch to release the elevator, now you can claim Form of Mist. Your next destination shall be Long Library.
With Soul of Bat, you may break the ceiling and access the room above. In this room you can find Tengu Card in any Japanese version or American Dracula X Chronicles version, or a Holy Sword otherwise.