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Getting Started[edit]

You can refill hearts and choose sub-weapons easily here.
Like in normal castle, the secret lies in above (29,25). While Richter and Maria can gain instant access to the middle, Alucard must collect the following relics:
When you are ready, the giant clock at (29,25) will gong 13 times and reveal the upper area. Remember to use the save room inside.

Boss: Shaft[edit]

His plan is almost ruined.
Unlike in Rondo of Blood, he now controls six green orbs, each pair utilizing one of the following attacks: (1) Shoots two fire orbs which, upon impact of room borders, send fire pillars in a cross pattern; (2) Shoots two bouncing orbs going wild in the room; and (3) Place two orbs at both sides, which generate lightning between them.
All you need to do is to dodge his orbs and smash your attacks. For Richter or Maria, there is no need to conserve hearts.
This is the final boss for Richter and Maria. In the case of Alucard, Shaft uses his very life to awake Dracula.

Boss: Lord Dracula[edit]

Use everything possible.
If you want to save your file with complete map and enemy list, hit Dracula once and then escape with Library Card.
Dracula will loop in the following patterns: He starts attacking with two giant claws. After a few times, he summons a Karasuman in the middle but quickly smashes it with both claws, then he moves to far away and channels a large energy shot, and return. Now he will attack with the three heads popping out each time. After that, the three heads form a triangle which shoots an array of triangle-shaped beam to you, and he returns to claw swipe.
You can easily attack him during claw swipe, by running to the other side. In other cases, dodge the attacks. Notice that Gas Cloud cannot deal any damage due to Dracula being immune to poison.

The Ending[edit]

For whoever to defeat the boss, the castle will collapse. In the case of Alucard, he decides to leave. The ending slightly differs however:
  • If you have a map rate below 196.0%, Maria will leave with Richter.
  • For a map rate at 196.0% or more, Maria decides to follow Alucard.
Congratulations. Now enjoy the staff roll and music. Notice that "I am the wind" is not used in Dracula X Chronicles version.