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The world of Dominions is a magical world and magic will be of great importance to the Pretender's aspirations of godhood. The magic energies ultimately derives from the celestial bodies. The spheres predestine the fates and lives of priests and peasants.

The power of the spheres, the Arcana, empowers the nature in all its forms. It makes fires burn with heat and blaze, plants to grow and lightning to strike during storms. The Arcana is shattered into a spectrum of powers upon entry into the atmosphere. The six forms of lesser arcana are the Four Elements, Nature and Death.

But Arcana is not the sole source of magic power. The life-blood of the living is inherently magical. It is the magic in the blood that allows heroes to perform great feats, babies to be born and emotions to stir. Blood magic is the mastery of this power. Unfortunately the magic in the blood is diluted at best. Few mages can tap enough strength from their own blood to be able to perform magic feats. To do so the blood mage must spill the blood of other people.

The spells range from simple combat spells that only drain the caster's fatigue to mighty rituals requiring great amounts of magic gems or great blood sacrifices. Strange and powerful magic creatures wait their summoner and mages can prepare powerful spells to turn the tide of a battle.

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