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Samurai archers are versatile missile and melee troops.

Jomon is the feudal society of humans reigning after the fall of the Bakemono.

National Features[edit]


Jomon has some of the most resource intensive national troops, with only the Ashigaru using less than 20. Also worth noting is the complete lack of shields. Aside from magical means your troops only have their heavy armor to protect them, making crossbows particularly scary.

Gold 8, Resources 12
This is your typical 'militia' type unit. However, they have slightly higher stats than your average national militia and you may find yourself recruiting Ashigaru from time to time. Their decent protection and long spears (reach 5) make them a cheap way to hold back cavalry, freeing your pricier units up to do the real killing.
Samurai Archer
Gold 11, Resources 27
Heavy infantry archers with longbows! They are rather expensive to produce but you don't have to commit as many troops to protecting them so it may balance out depending on how your organize your army. Archery does not cause fatigue, so they make a nasty surprise for worn out enemies breaking through the battle line.
Samurai (naginata)
Gold 10, Resources 21
Heavy infantry with long and pointy sticks.
Samurai (katana)
Gold 10, Resources 24
Heavy infantry with sharp swords.
Gold 12, Resources 26
Extra-heavy version of the katana samurai. Stronger body armor, slightly better stats, but mapmove 1.
Gold 14, Resources 25
Bigger sword than the O-ban, giving it better damage.
Aka-Oni Samurai
Gold 15, Resources 22
Katana samurai with improved stats.
Samurai Cavalry
Gold 40, Resources 28
O-bans on horses, giving mapmove 3.
Gold 22, Resources 22
Sacred katana samurai. Gets into brawls with Yamabushi.
Gold 22, Resources 19
Sacred naginata samurai. Gets into brawls with Sohei.


Gold 60, Resources 14
An assassin with a throwing weapon.
Gold 35, Resources 26
Basic infantry leader: mapmove 2, leadership 40.
Mounted Gokenin
Gold 60, Resources 28
Basic cavalry leader: mapmove 3, leadership 40. Forgettable with Hatamotos around.
Gold 80, Resources 28
Intermediate cavalry leader: mapmove 3, leadership 80. Forgettable with Daimyos around.
Gold 100, Resources 26
Advanced cavalry leader: mapmove 3, leadership 120. Forgoes the lance of its lessers.
Gold 80, Resources 1
Magic: 2H, +10% chance of (FAWEN)
Priestly dude. Starts out Old if it doesn't roll that 1-in-50 chance of getting N.
Monk of the Fivefold Path
Gold 100, Resources 1
Magic: 1H, +100% chance of (FAWEN)
Mixed priest/magic user.
Gold 90, Resources 1
Magic: 1E, +100% chance of (FAWEN)
Basic magic user. Gets Mountain Survival and Need Not Eat.
Master Shugenja
Gold 160, Resources 1
Magic: 1E1N, +100% chance of (FAWEN), +100% chance of (FAWEN), +10% chance of (FAWEN)
Advanced magic user. Double the paths of a basic Shugenja.
Gold 160, Resources 1
Magic: 2S, +100% chance of (FAWEN), +100% chance of (FAWEN), +10% chance of (FAWEN)
Astral magic user. Gets Mountain Survival and Fortune Teller(4).


Kenji the Red Tengu
Sacred, Flying, Storm Flying, Mountain Survival
Fast and skilled, but lacking in Protection (only wears a Leather Cuirass to start). A single Lightning Strike gives him something to do while hiding leading from the rear.
Ryutaro the Son of the Dragon King
Paths: 2W, Amphibious, 40 Waterbreathing
Well-armed and well-armored, plus good leadership and Water magic. An excellent infantry general.
Hashi Saburo the Red Devil
Cause Fear (+0), Standard (20)
Commander of the Aka-Oni Samurai. Otherwise unremarkable.

Starting Sites[edit]

Temple of the Pure War
Enables recruitment of Sohei
+1 Air gem
Mountain of the Mystics
Enables recruitment of Yamabushi
+1 Fire gem
+1 Earth gem
+1 Nature gem

National Spells[edit]

Teaching Sign
Gems: -, Paths: 1H1N
Boosts the caster's magic power?
Fear-not Sign
Gems: -, Paths: 1H1A
Air Shield + morale for recipients?
Welcome Sign
Gems: -, Paths: 1H1F
Weak Charm spell?
Earth-touching Sign
Gems: -, Paths: 1H1E
Fancy Banishment spell?
Meditation Sign
Gems: -, Paths: 1H1W
Reduces the caster's fatigue.

National Summons[edit]

Gems: 1W, Paths: 1W1N, Conjuration 1
Amphibious shin-kickers.
Gems: 10D per 6, Paths: 1D, Conjuration 1
See Yomi's Ko-Oni.
Gems: 10W per 4, Paths: 1D1W, Conjuration 2
See Yomi's Ao-Oni.
Karasu Tengu
Gems: 1N, Paths: 1N1A, Conjuration 2
Flying troublemaker.
Gems: 10F per 3, Paths: 1F1D, Conjuration 3
See Yomi's Aka-Oni.
Konoha Tengus
Gems: 5A per 5, Paths: 1A1E, Conjuration 3
More flying troublemakers.
Ambush of Tigers
Gems: 10N per 7, Paths: 2N, Conjuration 3
Try not to let them burn too brightly.
Gems: 10E per 3, Paths: 1E1D, Conjuration 4
See Yomi's Oni.
Ghost General
Gems: 10D, Paths: 3D, Conjuration 4
Ghostly commander.
Gems: 10N, Paths: 1N, Conjuration 4
Nature mage?
Dai Tengu
Gems: 55A per 1 Dai Tengu + 25 Tengu, Paths: 2A1E, Conjuration 5
Air mage + retinue?
Gems: 25W, Paths: 2W1N, Conjuration 5
Swamp spirit?
Gems: 25W, Paths: 3W, Conjuration 5
Amphibious water mage?
Gems: 8E, Paths: 1E1S, Conjuration 5
Priestly fortuneteller?
Gems: 10D per 4, Paths: 2D1F, Conjuration 5
See Yomi's Kuro-Oni.
Gems: 21N, Paths: 3N, Conjuration 5
Forest spirit?
Gems: 19E, Paths: 3E, Conjuration 6
Eastern dragon, has Shugenja-esque magic.
Gems: 9S, Paths: 1S1E, Conjuration 6
Spiritual sword-swinger.
Oni General
Gems: 20D, Paths: 2D1F, Conjuration 6
Angry demon commander.
Gozu Mezu
Gems: 7D, Paths: 3D, Conjuration 6
Two polearm commanders.
Gems: 30N, Paths: 2N, Conjuration 6
Stealthy nature mage.
Gems: 28E, Paths: 4E, Conjuration 7
Mountain spirit?
Dai Oni
Gems: 45D, Paths: 4D1F, Conjuration 8
Demon king, not quite up to SC stats.


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