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The most powerful rituals affect large portions of the world. These rituals are known as global enchantments. Once a global enchantment is cast it will continue to affect the world each game turn until someone dispels it OR the caster dies OR the total number of globals in effect exceeds 5. When that happens, the global with the weakest number of excess gems invested is automatically dispelled (can possibly be the one currently being cast).

Global enchantments are cast from a Laboratory directly from the strategic map by choosing the Cast Ritual Spell action. They cost great amounts of gems and require strong skill in magic. For each global enchantment, there is a minimum gem requirement. If more gems are used, it's harder to dispel the global enchantment or get it bumped from the list if/when the total # of globals exceeds 5.

The hotkey for seeing which globals are currently active as well as the casting nation is F6.

The following is a list of all Globals available in Dom3. As we can see, Mother Oak, Gift of Health or Burden of Time are likely to be cast early in the game, as they are only level 5 spells.

Global Spells
Ritual School Level Path Comment
Mother Oak Alteration 5 N5 Generates 20 N gems/t
Sea of Ice[1] Alteration 7 W6 Travel between land and sea impossible, except by magical means
Fata Morgana Alteration 8 A7 Lowers unrest, provinces with > 0 PD add 30 Phantasmal Warriors to PD
Utterdark[2] Alteration 9 D9 Worldwide -90% income/resources, Penalties for fighting in dark
Astral Corruption[3] Blood 7 B6S6 Risk assasination by horrors for non-Blood spellcasting or item forging
The Looming Hell[4] Blood 8 B7 Enemy risks assassination by devil + 1-5 enemy units in +dom
Well of Misery Conjuration 8 D6 Generates 21 D gems/t, +10% income for all provinces
Guardians of the Deep Conjuration 8 W6 Sea provinces with > 0 PD add 3 Krakens to PD
The Kindly Ones Conjuration 9 F6N4 The 3 Erinyas (Alecto, Megeara, Tisiphone) assasinate enemy B magi
Wild Hunt Conjuration 9 N6 Lord of the Hunt assassinates enemy priests
Enchanted Forest Conjuration 9 N7 Generates vine men in forest provinces, # per growth scales and +dom
Forge of the Ancients Construction 7 E5 Reduces gems needed for forging by 25%, adds +1 to forger's paths
Mechanical Militia Construction 9 E5 Provinces with > 0 PD add 15 Mechanical Men to PD
The Eyes of God[5] Enchantment 5 S5 Increases patrolling and intel on enemy in +Dom, dispells illusions
Gift of Health[6] Enchantment 5 N5 Friendly units gain +10% hp/candle & cures afflictions in +Dom
Riches from Beneath Enchantment 6 E5 Increases resources by 10%*dom level in friendly provinces
Eternal Pyre Enchantment 6 F6 Generates 20 F gems/t
Stellar Focus Enchantment 7 S5 Generates 5 S gems/t
Earth Blood Deep Well Enchantment 7 E6 Generates 20 E gems/t
Ghost Ship Armada Enchantment 7 W4D3 X undead and Admiral Torgrin attack random enemy coastal provinces
Haunted Forest Enchantment 8 N5D1 Anyone killed in +dom creates an undead Manikin
Wrath of the Sea Enchantment 8 W5 -30% income for coastal provinces and provinces w/ lakes/rivers
Arcane Nexus[7] Enchantment 9 S8 Caster gains 1/2 of all magic gems used in spellcasting and forging
Gift of Nature's Bounty Enchantment 9 N7 Increases income in friendly provinces by 20%*dom level
Thetis Blessing Enchantment 9 W5 Allows all troops in the world to enter the sea
Perpetual Storm[8] Evocation 6 A5 Worldwide -20% income, all battles fight under Storm spell
The Wrath of God[9] Evocation 6 S5A3 Lightning randomly strikes enemies, increased effect in +dom
Second Sun Evocation 8 F8 Unknown whether this spell negates Utterdark
Maelstrom Evocation 8 W6 Generates 15W 5S 3A and 1F/E/N/D gems/t
Strands of Arcane Power[10] Evocation 9 S7 Enemy magi detected in +dom subject to Magic Duel or Mind Burn
Burden of Time[11] Thaumaturgy 5 D5 Units age 1-5 yrs/t, random chance to die or get affliction
Foul Air Thaumaturgy 6 D5A1 Worldwide unrest increases, Anyone wounded gains disease
Dark Skies Thaumaturgy 7 A5 Enemy morale is reduced by 1*friendly dominion
Purgatory[12] Thaumaturgy 7 F6 10% chance/candle enemy undead in +dom struck by 18 AP F dmg
Lure of the Deep[13] Thaumaturgy 7 W6 Sirens have chance to seduce enemy commanders in coastal provinces
Gale Gate Thaumaturgy 8 A5 Generates 20 A gems/t


  1. Sea of Ice: Negates Ghost Ship Armada and Lure of the Deep
  2. Utterdark: All units except undead and blind units have combat halved. Units with darkvision have their combat impaired by (100 - darkvision rating) / 2
  3. Astral Corruption: If targeted mage casts non-blood spell or forges non-magic item, chance of being attacked by horror. More gems spent increases % chance.
  4. The Looming Hell: Up to 5 random enemy units in your dominion will attack their commander. If the commander has fear or is sacred a morale check is done before attack proceeds. Unit attacking is accompanied by a devil. Hidden troops are affected. Undead, mindless, demons will never attack.
  5. The Eyes of God: Outside your dominion you can see pop, income, resources, dominion. In friendly dominion you can see enemy army size and commander, enemy stealthy units easier to find, illusionary beings are dispelled, patrols twice as effective, can see # of defenders in a siege.
  6. Gift of Health: This is one of the only ways to cure units with Old Age or Undead of their Afflictions, the other being The Chalice artifact.
  7. Arcane Nexus: Half of all magic gems used to cast spells and to create magic items will be absorbed into the Arcane Nexus and collected by the owner of the enchantment.
  8. Perpetual Storm: Ethereal units (ie. Vampires, Spring Hawks) can still fly in a storm
  9. The Wrath of God: Enemy units in a random province are attacked by lightning strikes. Stronger and more likely in friendly dominion. Note that a Lightning Rod or Ring of Tamed Lightning makes a commander immune to the affects of this spell
  10. Strands of Arcane Power: Detects magic and enemy mages in provinces with friendly dominion. Enemy astral mages detected must Magic Duel with caster, loser only becomes feebleminded. Non-astral mages suffer Mind Burn attack.
  11. Burden of Time: Small chance for all enemies in the entire world to gain an affliction or die of old age. The chance is about 1% to die and 5% to get a random affliction. Even pretenders can be affected. For all provinces, kills 2% pop per turn and adds 0-3 unrest (greater in enemy dominions). Additionally, units age a random number of years every turn (between 1 and 5 (?) years).
  12. Purgatory: Every enemy undead in friendly dominion has a 10% chance per dominion level of being hit by an 18 armor piercing fire attack. The casting nation gets a message each turn how many undead have been struck, but not how many undead have died.
  13. Lure of the Deep: Enemy commanders without Water Breathing skill die