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Beast trainers breed hydras taken from the swamps of Pythia.

Pythium exists as a splinter empire of Ermor in the Middle Era after the fall of the New Faith and before the coming of the Ashen Empire. Some signs of the earlier Sauromatian tribes remain. A splinter cult of Pythium exists in Late Age as the Serpent Cult.

Changes from Dominions II[edit | edit source]

Pythium was the very first nation designed for Dominions, and was the benchmark for a strong, well-rounded nation. In Dominions II, Pythium was a highly regarded nation, with numerous strong points and few weaknesses. In Dominions 3, Pythium has been weakened by the increased cost of buildings and the old age mechanic.

National features[edit | edit source]

Pythium is a human nation loosely modelled on the Byzantine Empire. The mainstay of its military is heavy infantry, mostly equipped with tower shields and javelins. The only long range missile troops used are decidedly inferior slingers. It has access to gladiators and battle vestals, both useful light infantry. Horses are not used, but lizard-riding cavalry is available. Finally, it can recruit terrifying, regenerating, poison-spewing hydras.

Pythium's commanders include the basic centurion, the much better legatis legionis and the emerald lord. There is a commander version of the serpent cavalry, the serpent lord. Assassins can be recruited. Poison immune hydra tamers are available, although they're not very useful.

Mage-priests provide the backbone of Pythium's magical forces. The theurg is a very cost effective mage-priest, with 2 astral, 1 water, 1 air and 2 holy for only 150 gold. The arch theurg is a potent high-level caster, with 3 astral, 2 air, 1 water, 1 random and 3 holy, although at 380 gold, they are expensive. The theurg acolyte and the battle deacon are very weak and are seldom worth buying.

One of Pythium's selling points are Communicants, cheap sacred commanders that automatically cast the communion slave spell, lending their power to anyone casting communion master.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Wide variety of well-equipped human infantry.
  • Theurgs are extremely good value.
  • Arch Theurgs are very powerful, especially when boosted with communicants.
  • Hydras can be devastating under certain circumstances.
  • The capital has an excellent fort and gem income.
  • Wide variety of pretender chassis to choose from.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • No archers, despite having easy access to the wind guide spell.
  • Low level mage/priests aren't very useful.
  • Both the Theurg and the Arch Theurg suffer terribly from old age.
  • Hydras are tricky to use with your regular forces.
  • Communicants are difficult to mass and micromanage.