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Not to be confused with Independent tribes, Mercenaries can be hired by a player in a blind-bid auction (ie. best offer wins). Hired mercenaries remain in a player's employ for 3 turns or until they die (n.b. the hiring turn counts as their first turn, so you only get to directly command them for 2 turns). Newly hired mercenaries appear inside the fortress at that kingdom's capital. If they survive their term of service, they are listed again in the auction and may be bid upon by another player.

Each turn, a random group of mercenaries is available for hire. The following is a list of mercenaries that are present in the game.

Name Fee Leader # Troop type Weapon
Fordo Boggit's Elite Warriors Fordo Boggit
Hector's Heavy Horsemen Hector Stark Cavalry
Magnus's Crossbows Rolf Magnus Crossbow
Ferdinando's Footmen Ferdinando Infantry
The Black Fists Sir Edward Blackfist
Rexor's Barbarians 150 Rexor 40 Barbarians Maul
The Armored Fist of God 200 Guiseppe del Migo (1F2H, inquisitor) 25 Pikeneers Pike
Ship wreckers Y'gologna (1H) Shamblers (Amphibian)
Dagan, the Renegade Sage 40 Dagan (1S, +3 research) 0 n/a n/a
Obscuro, the Hidden Master Obscuro ()
Elephant Corps 80 Hannibal 5 Elephants Trample
Urgek Beast Brother Urgek Freaks Fist
Victor's Villains 30 Victor 10 Villains (Stealth) Short Bow, Dagger
Brave Breakers 150 Grom Brave Breaker 30 Infantry Morningstar
Dante's Stingers 150 Dante 30
The Archers in White 100 Sanne (sacred, flying) 20 Crystal Amazons Short Bow
Farstrikers 160 Arnaud 30 Infantry Longbow
Burelk's City Guard 140 Burelk 60 Militia Spear
Black Bone's Pirates 180 Black Bone 25
The Fishermen 120 Sho'guu 25 Icthyids (Amphibian) Spear
Madam Fortuna
God's Justice Guiseppe II
Nergash's Damned Legion 240 Nergash 80
Master Gibur 80 Gibur (3W, amphibious) 1 Water Elemental (amphibious) Crush, Crush, Crush, Crush
Ghoul Father 200 Yazrid ibn Hassar (2F1E2S) 50 Ghouls Poisoned Claw
Mamor, the White Wizard Mamor ()
Eternal Knights Orion
Stroumsa's Freaks 200 Stroumsa 50
The Lost Legion 30 The Lost One (1S, amphibian, stealthy, assassin) 20 Lobo Guards (amphibian) Claw
Skull Smashers Gryf
Istana's Warriors Istana
The Master Druid Erbum ()
The Master Assassin ()
Ferrus, the Iron Wizard Ferrus ()
The Boar Mage Baratus ()
Wolfkin Reavers 300 Uttumvirke (stealthy, forest survival) 50 Vaetti (stealthy, forest survival) Spear
Rozul's Red Raptors Rozul
Mighty Pak-ur
Helmut's Sappers Helmut
The Green Horde Murong Chui
Reavers of the Deep Gladd Yog
Otto the Great Otto
The Snake Charmer Putin ()
God's Enforcers Guiseppe IV
Knight Errants Sir Perceville
Agyraspides Seleucus
The Feathered Serpent Omecoatl ()
The Dragon Tamer Choznar
The Wind Lord Tempestus ()
The Whispering Legion Saladaar
Celestial Apostates Bajie & Gote ()
Gunter Blukraft’s Sonnenkinder 150 Gunter Blukraft 30 Infantry Hammer
Göte 160 Göte 20