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Remote Attacks
Ritual Sch Lvl Pth UW Anon target Comment
Arouse Hunger Alt 4 D3 ? - army Ghouls attack army/PD
Army of the Dead Ench 9 D5 ? - army Longdead & Soulless attack army/PD
Call of the Winds Conj 3 A2 - - army Great Hawk & Black Hawks attack army/PD
Blight Alt 4 E2D1 y y prov kills 5% pop, +15 unrest, -80gp in province
Send Lesser Horror Blood 5 B2S3 - y army Lesser Horror attacks army/PD outside fortress
Fires From Afar Evoc 3 F3 - y units 7 + 1/F attacks do 15 AP fire damage to rnd units
Volcanic Eruption Evoc 9 D9 - y prov unleash event 4, destroys the land, -33% pop
Hurricane Evoc 4 A3 - y prov +25 unrest, -3% pop
Seeking Arrow Ench 3 A3 - y cmdr 8 AN damage to rnd commander
Wolven Winter Alt 4 W3 y y prov +3 cold, -5% pop
Baleful Star Alt 5 S3 - y prov +30 unrest, +2 misfortune, 5% cursed
Vengeance of the Dead Thaum 4 S3D1 y - cmdr dead victims fight most famed enemy commander
Locust Swarm Conj 6 N3 - y prov +20 unrest, consume supply, -100gp
Rain of Toads Blood 4 B3N1 - y prov +40 unrest, +2 misfortune, +5% diseased troops
Send Dream Horror Blood 7 B3S4 - ? prov + unrest in province until found and slain
Send Horror Blood 8 B3S4 - y army Horror battles enemy army/PD outside fortress
Raging Hearts Thaum 5 F4 y y prov +60 unrest, -5% pop
Phantasmal Attack Alt 7 A4 y y army 5+5/A Phantasmal Warriors attack enemy army/PD
Mind Hunt Evoc 6 S4 y y cmdr AN Mind Hunt or Soul Slay on rnd commander
Flames From the Sky Evoc 9 F5 - y units 15 F-based AP attack strikes max 50% enemy
Murdering Winter Evoc 7 W5 y y units 7+ more in cold AN C-attack strikes army
Tidal Wave Evoc 9 W5 y y prov -30% pop, +50% unrest
Black Death Thaum 8 D5 y y prov -50% pop
Ghost Riders Conj 9 D6 - y army 33 Longdead Horsemen attack enemy army/PD
Earth Attack Conj 8 E5 - y cmdr Earth Elemental assassinates rnd commander
Manifestation Conj 8 D5 - y cmdr Ashen Angel assassinates rnd commander
Infernal Disease Blood 6 B5 - y cmdr Disease Demon assassinates rnd commander
Wind Ride Conj 5 A5 - - cmdr transport rnd commander to caster and fight
Imprint Souls Thaum 6 S4 ? - army Priest/Flagellants/Madman attack army/PD
Leprosy Thaum 6 D5 ? y army 50% of army saves vs being diseased
Melancholia Thaum 6 E5 ? - army +3 Sloth, lower Dominion, army saves vs desertion
Winged Monkeys Conj 5 N3S2 - - cmdr transport rnd non-mage commander to caster
Beckoning Thaum 6 N5 ? y army all units must save vs MR or desert
Horror Seed Blood 9 B4S5 ? y unit Parasitic Horror infects random unit