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General terms[edit]

  • Fast Expand: Get a second gold mine into operation as soon as possible, in particular, before you can actually protect it, and rely on having a larger economy than your opponent. Wood can be got anywhere, but the maximum mining rate is 5 workers per mine.
  • Harass: Attack quickly with a small amount of units, but not with the aim to decide the game, but to disturb the development of the enemy. Harassing often involves trying to disturb the economy or trying to steal xp or items when the enemy is creeping.
  • Micro: Controlling your units in a battle. For example using spells, retreating hurt units or focusing fire on a weakened unit to prevent the enemy from retreating it.
  • Macro: The development of your economy. For example: gaining wood and gold at a high rate.
  • Rush: Trying to decide the game early by attacking quickly. Involves sacrificing economic growth to get troops out very early.
  • Spawn Camp: When a player or faction has one or more units arriving at some point on the map, usually a fixed point, and often after being resurrected from a previous death, but those units are not yet prepared to fight, then if you "camp" out near their "spawn" point, you can get a lot of easy kills. This often applies in Warcraft campaign scenarios, because the AI moves newly produced units to an assembly area, and then attacks when a critical mass is reached. The assembly area is often unguarded, especially if you have breached a defensive line. The units in the assembly area are generally unprepared to fight, or there aren't enough of them to put up a good fight.
  • Teching: Sacrificing early combat unit production to invest in upgrading your units and, especially, acquiring the ability to produce later, superior units.
  • Tower Rush: Sending workers into your opponent's base right from the start to build Towers there before he has anything that can beat Towers.
  • Focus Fire: Focusing all ranged units attacks on a single unit to kill that unit as fast as possible.
  • Nuking: Using focus fire and all spells on a single hero to kill that hero as fast as possible.
  • Creeping: Fighting the various creeps around the map to gain experience points and items.



  • TP: Town Portal


  • Undead
    • DK: Death Knight
    • DL: Dreadlord
    • CL: Cryptlord
    • LK: Lich King
  • Nightelf
    • DH: Demon Hunter
    • KotG: Keeper of the Grove
    • PotM: Priestess of the Moon
  • Orc
    • BM: Blade Master
    • FS: Farseer
    • SH: Shadow Hunter
    • TC: Tauren Chieftain
  • Human
    • Pal: Paladin
    • AM: Archmage
    • MK: Mountain King
    • BM: Bloodmage (sometimes BlM to avoid confusion with the Beastmaster and Blademaster)
  • Neutral
    • DR: Dark Ranger
    • PL: Pitlord
    • BM: Beast Master (sometimes BeM to avoid confusion with the Bloodmage and the Blademaster)
    • FL: Firelord


  • AoW: Ancient of War (sometimes Ancient of Wind)
  • AoL: Ancient of Lore
  • AP: Ancient Protector
  • Rax: Barracks
  • ToL: Tree of Life
  • ToA: Tree of Ages (seldom used)
  • ToE: Tree of Eternity (seldom used)
  • Zig: Ziggurat