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Mission Objectives[edit]

Main Quest-Slaughter the humans refugges
Destroy the 9 refugee towns
No more of 20 villagers should escape
Main Quest-Slay the paladins
Destroy the three altars

Let's start[edit]

Arthas wants to slay any human left in his new kingdom, so you can't let escape a single one and destroy their remaining towns, you will began with 3 sides: Arthas', Kel'thuzad's and Sylvanas'. You already used Arthas and Kel'thuzad, both level 10, but now you have the dark ranger Sylvanas. Each side can begin with 2 ghouls, 2 of their unique units (except for Sylvanas), and 2 shades, in all the sides put them to explore the map.

Arthas' side[edit]

Arthas' unique unit is the abomination, this is the easiest side 'cause Arthas and his abominations strength, to defend leave 2 abominations and 4 ghouls and to attack use Arthas, 3 abominations and 6 ghouls, it's simple just kill every building and human you see.

Once you attack a town you will encounter a Paladin, apparently he knew Arthas, but still he's a human kill him, they're your biggest problem in the 3 sides.

Kel'thuzad's side[edit]

Kel'thuzad's unique unit is the necromancer, very useful thanks to his skeleton warriors this side is also easy, you only need 2 more ghouls and necromancers, every time a human group try to cross you gain more soldiers, the skeletons warriors will be your attack group you will be able to summon at least 8 each horde, also remember to put the frost armor ability in passive, also don't use the skeletons as passice 'cause they can die during the attacks.

Sylvanas' side[edit]

Maybe Sylvanas' weakness is your weak spot, but here your unique unit is the banshee that can possess other units, if you explored the map you should have spotted 4 knights, the same number of banshees you have they will do things much easier,you will also find priest, mortar teams and other strong units will attempt to escape but serve you as well.

Attacking is the problem here, banshees are not for fierce fights and there aren't many strong units to possess, I recommend waiting for the militia captains to appear and then possessing

The altars[edit]

Is very easy to destroy them but remember to attack all at once, but then Arthas will start losing his powers due the Lich King's powers are being drained


Arthas' side (Recommended to use all the tomes on Arthas)

  • Bracer of Agility
  • Scroll of Healing
  • Wand of neutralization
  • Tome of strength
  • Tome of intelligence
  • Gauntlets of Ogre strength +3
  • Claws of attack +3

Kel'thuzad's side

  • Manual of Health
  • Ring of protection +1
  • Voodoo Doll
  • Mantle of intelligence 3+
  • Tome of strength

Sylvanas' side

  • Skull shield
  • Slippers of agility 3+
  • Scroll of mana