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Tree of Life/Ages/Eternity[edit]

Central base "building"; has the usual 3 levels. Can move! Must "entangle" a gold mine to enable mining.

Moon Well[edit]

Provides food, health, and mana. Recovers mana at night; recovery rate is high enough that it completely recovers in less than one night.

Altar of Elders[edit]

Produces Heroes.

Ancient of War[edit]

Produces basic combat units. Can move!

Hunter's Hall[edit]

For upgrades.

Ancient Protector[edit]

Revenge of the trees

Defensive "building". Needs to be used with special care to be effective, primarily due to its minimum range. Can move! This allows you to move your Tower complex to defend your enemy's base from your enemy! Remember the end of the Battle of Helm's Deep?

Costs significantly more than the average "Tower" when the lost Wisp is considered.

Ancient of Lore[edit]

Produces (non-flying) spell-casters. Can move!

Ancient of Wind[edit]

Produces flying units (Hippogryphs and Dryads). Can move!

Chimaera Roost[edit]

Produces the heavy flying unit.