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Back Door
Level type
Entrance Valley Fortress
Exit none
Secret Exit none
Time at Start 400

Your reward for making your way through the Valley Fortress? A MUCH easier pathway to get to Bowser.

  • Part 1
    • It's dark at first, but hit the question mark block to turn on the light above you.
    • Right before the door to Bowser is a checkpoint. Go through the doors, where you will find Bowser in a flying contraption.
  • Part 2 (Bowser!!!)
    • Be careful of the propeller! He'll swoop back and forth across the screen; just stand in a corner to avoid him.
    • Once he stops, he'll throw 2 Mecha Koopas over the side of his flying machine.
    • Jump onto one of the Mecha Koopas, then throw it up so that it hits Bowser from up above. Do this again, and Bowser will fly off.
    • Avoid the flames that drop from the sky.
    • Peach will appear and throw you a mushroom right before Bowser reappears.
    • Round 2 begins right now.
      • Your second bout with him will be slightly more difficult, as he drops gigantic black marbles that will flatten you if you don't jump.
      • Toss Mecha Koopas at him again, and after hitting him twice, dodge the flames as you wait for a second mushroom from Peach.
    • Round 3 begins right now.
      • When Bowser reappears, he's MAD. This time, he'll try to land his propeller on you.
      • If you can dodge him long enough, he'll throw 2 more Mecha Koopas down.
      • Throw them back up at him. After hitting him twice more, he'll go flying off out of control into the darkness, and Peach will appear.

Congratulations! You've beaten Bowser!