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Forest of Illusion 4
Level type Above-ground
Entrance Forest Ghost House
Exit Forest of Illusion 2
Secret Exit Forest Secret Area
Time at Start 300


  • Resist the temptation to grab the 1-up mushroom the Lakitu is holding. If you do, he will start throwing Spinies at you, which you certainly don't want.
  • Most of the pipes are infested with Lakitu that throw out Spinies. Stomp on them to take them out before they throw too many of them at you.
  • The cycling power-up at the beginning gives you an opportunity to grab a Starman. With it, you can breeze through the level easily.
  • You will find a flower if you hit the second ? block from the right. None of the other blocks contain anything other than coins.
  • The lone green pipe with no Lakitu in it gets taller as you come near. Take a running jump to reach it or else you'll have to wait.
  • If you want to hit the midway tape, you'll need to go a bit further and jump from the yellow pipe up to the ledge.
  • Once you see the three green pipes, another Lakitu will fly by in his cloud. He has no 1-up mushroom for you, but starts throwing Spinies right away.
  • You can enter a bonus area if you go down the middle of the three green pipes (see below). It's no shortcut or anything though, in fact it takes you back, so you'll just lose valuable time.
  • The top left ? block gives you another opportunity to grab a flower.
  • You will start off to the right and need to swim to the left while avoiding all the fish. This isn't very difficult to do; if you swim at the ceiling you should be relatively safe.
  • The pipe takes you back to the orange pipe before the midway tape.
  • You can use the blue blocks here if you wish to take out Lakitu and any of the enemies ahead. You'll then have a clear path to the goal tape.

Secret Exit[edit]


The secret exit is hidden inside a bonus room, reached by taking the blue pipe hovering in mid-air. The pipe is a difficult jump, but can be reached with a running jump from the hill to its left. If you thought about using the P-Switch below the pipe, it just makes coins appear which isn't very useful.

There are a variety of easier ways to reach this pipe, including using the cape or riding Lakitu's cloud to the pipe. In any case, once you're inside, all you need to do is to put the key into the keyhole to unlock the secret exit. (Try not to accidentally kick it down the one-block-wide hole in the ground!)

Dragon Coin locations[edit]

The five Dragon Coins in this level are located as follows:

  • In the air near the beginning. Jump from the turn blocks to reach it.
  • Below the row of ? blocks between the two pipes.
  • In the air before the two orange pipes (jump off the green pipe to reach it).
  • High up in the air after the three green pipes. You can defeat Lakitu and ride his cloud or use Yoshi and eat the blue shell to fly up.
  • Just before the goal tape, up in the air.