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Donut Plains 2
Level type Underground
Entrance Donut Plains 1
Exit Donut Ghost House
Secret Exit Green Switch Palace
Time at Start 400

This is the game's first underground level.


  • This is an autoscrolling level where the yellow stones move up and down constantly.
  • You can safely stand on the first stone as it moves up. For the second stone, pass under it quickly before it comes down to crush you. The single ? block right before the stone contains a feather.
  • Jump across the stones quickly! If you stay behind, the screen will come and squeeze you.
  • Green switch blocks that stand alone like this one will provide you with feathers when you complete the Green Switch Palace.
  • The second green pipe on the ceiling leads to a bonus area (see below).
  • There isn't a lot here save for a Pittin' Chuck that kicks footballs. The pipe at the end leads directly to the exit and bypasses the rest of the level, making this a worthwhile bonus area to enter.
  • Hit the flying question mark that passes you to receive another feather.
  • The yellow stones from the ceiling provide no immediate danger, contrary to what you might assume. Just watch out for the Buzzy Beetles, as they can be hard to stomp when the ceiling is down.
  • At the end, if you jump on the big yellow stone directly, it will crush you. Wait until it comes back down, and then jump on it. Run to the right of the stone, where you're safe, then leap over the large pit.
  • The Spike Tops at the end can climb up walls and ceilings. Pass them and then enter the green pipe at the end, which leads to the goal tape.

Secret Exit[edit]

The key and the keyhole are right next to each other in this level's bonus area. There are even turn blocks that serve as stairs, but they don't reach high enough to reach the key and keyhole. To remedy this, destroy the turn blocks that cover a blue Koopa shell near the end of the bonus area. Kick the Koopa shell up to the highest turn block to reveal a vine. Now jump on the turn blocks and climb up the vine to reach the key and keyhole.

If you have Yoshi with you, it's even easier. Swallow the blue Koopa shell and Yoshi will gain wings. You can now simply fly up to the key and the keyhole. Cape Mario, of course, can get up by himself as well.

Dragon Coin locations[edit]

The five Dragon Coins in this level are located as follows:

  • On top of the first yellow stone.
  • On the ground just before the yellow pipe.
  • After the set of pipes, among the Swoopers and Buzzy Beetles.
  • Just before the big yellow stone at the end.
  • In the air near the exit.