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Vanilla Dome 4
Level type
Entrance Vanilla Dome 3
Exit Lemmy's Castle
Secret Exit None
Time at Start 300


  • As soon as you leave the initial area, Bullet Bills will be shooting at you from the left and right. It can be difficult to avoid them and they like to surprise you when you expect them the least.
  • You will have to use the green springs to get over the various barriers that block your way forward.
  • The mushroom at the beginning is just standing there, waiting for you to collect it.
  • The ? block here contains a feather. If you jump counter-clockwise around the brown block starting from 6 o'clock, you can get a hidden 1-up mushroom.
  • The Paratroopas move from left to right and make it difficult to rest on the springs for too long waiting for the Bullet Bills to pass.
  • At the end you will need to take a running jump to reach the midway tape high up. If you miss it, you can't get back.
  • From here on, difficulty will rise as Bullet Bills are now coming from the top and bottom as well, making it much harder to traverse the level safely.
  • The blue pipe guarded by a Piranha Plant leads to a bonus area (see below).
  • The lone ? block contains a flower. By using the springs, you can get below the large row of blocks. The turn block among the row of ? blocks contains a 1-up mushroom. You'll need to use the ? blocks to kick the 1-up mushroom to the left, or it will just fall into the abyss.
  • This bonus area has lava and a skull lift just like Vanilla Dome 3. There are no Blargg here, but lots of brown blocks which you will need to jump over. It might seem difficult, but it's easier than enduring the Bullet Bill bombardment.
  • If you're Yoshi, you'll need to abandon him at the column of five brown blocks. Unlike what it may seem like, you cannot pass under it with Yoshi and will fall into the lava.
  • Enter the pipe and you will return at the blue pipe near the end of the level.
  • The Bullet Bills will stop shooting once you reach the Paratroopas at the end - a much-needed relief. You still need to watch out so you don't jump into the Paratroopas while attempting to cross the gaps.
  • Use the spring to hit the goal tape at its highest point and complete the level.

Dragon Coin locations[edit]

The five Dragon Coins in this level are located as follows:

  • At the beginning area.
  • In the air between two springs.
  • Inside the bonus area.
  • Near the end on a mushroom platform at the bottom.
  • In the air just before the goal tape.