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Donut Secret 1
Level type Underwater
Entrance Donut Plains 1
Exit Donut Ghost House
Secret Exit Donut Secret House
Time at Start 300

Donut Secret 1 is the first underwater stage in Super Mario World. It can be accessed using the secret exit in Donut Plains 1.


  • This underwater level can be difficult to get through unscathed. The Cheep-Cheep and the Blurp aren't very troublesome; the former only swims back and the forth and the latter swims to the left constantly. The Rip Van Fish are really annoying though. When they wake up, they will pursue you, and you can't outswim them easily. You can only try to lead them to a trap where they get stuck at a wall.
  • If you are Fire Mario, this level is much easier as you can roast the fish with fireballs. Yoshi is okay too, he can eat all the fish here. While Cape Mario can spin his cape to kill the fish, it's a bit difficult to do so. If you are Super Mario or even Small Mario... good luck.
  • From the group of four ? blocks, the second one from the right contains a flower. Two Rip Van Fish guard this power-up - lead them to the ? blocks and then hit them from below to take them both out so you can safely grab the power-up.
  • The blue pipe leads to a bonus area (see below). Even if you're not really interested in the bonus, you should go through because it gives you some much needed breathing room.


  • The single ? block at the bottom contains a P-Balloon. Collect it and Mario will inflate and soar up. You will automatically get off Yoshi, but don't worry about him, he will be waiting for you at the bottom.
  • Try to avoid the red Paratroopas on your way up. You should also not run into a wall as it will lead to certain death.
  • Around the middle, there are two platforms. On the right one, there is just a flower. The left one contains a second P-Balloon which allows you to get to the very top.
  • At the middle of the ceiling, there are two turn blocks; the right one contains a 1-up mushroom. There are also two Dragon Coins in each of the corners. Collecting them both is a bit difficult because of the limited time you stay inflated. Don't worry though; these are extra Dragon Coins, allowing you to skip one or two of the harder ones from the main level if you collect them.
  • Use the right pipe to exit the bonus area. You'll end up at the orange pipe in the next section of the level.
  • A Rip Van Fish guards another flower. You can try to collect it but it's difficult, so avoid it if possible.
  • Another Rip Van Fish guards two blue blocks, which can be used to take out the fish.
  • If you step on the P-Switch, an arrow made of coins will appear. You might want to carry it with you instead, though - if Mario is alone, grabbing an object will allow him to swim much faster.
  • The Cheep-Cheep are a bit difficult to swim around here. Instead, get to the very top where a Dragon Coin is to bypass some of them.
  • Thanks to the water, it's incredibly easy to touch the goal tape at the top. You just need to look out for the Rip Van Fish.

Secret Exit[edit]

The keyhole is right on your way, before the large group of Cheep-Cheep. The key is inside the ? block right next to the keyhole, however, brown blocks prevent you from getting up to that ? block. The solution is easy: take the P-Switch found a bit earlier and take it to the brown blocks. Step on the P-Switch and the brown blocks will turn into coins, allowing you to swim through and get the key from the ? block. Put it into the keyhole to unlock the secret exit.

Dragon Coin locations[edit]

The five Dragon Coins in this level are located as follows:

  • Above the first set of ? blocks.
  • In a pit right after the orange pipe, guarded by a Cheep-Cheep.
  • Between the two blue blocks guarded by a Rip Van Fish.
  • At the ceiling before the keyhole.
  • After the keyhole, in a pathway at the very top.

There are two extra Dragon Coins in the bonus area in the top-left and top-right corner, respectively, which can be used to replace one of the above Dragon Coins.