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Front Door
Level type
Entrance Larry's Castle
Exit none
Secret Exit none
Time at Start 800

Here's what you've been waiting for: Bowser's castle. This final level gives you some choices in which path you take. At the beginning you will get to choose, then survive a room, then choose again, survive a room, then make your way to the final door to face Bowser once and for all.

Part 1[edit]

You must choose one of the following rooms to enter. You only need to clear one before advancing to Part 2.

Room 1
  • This room scrolls automatically and contains both "mallets" and fireballs!
  • Do not get forced into the lava by the "mallets".
Room 2
  • This room has a fence infested with climbing Koopas.
  • Knock down eight for a 1-Up, but try to avoid the diagonal fireball.
Room 3
  • There are numerous floors to this room. The gaps in the floors/ceilings are obscured by rugs. Continue through the level by working your way up the floors and then back down to the right. Avoid the wind-up koopas.
  • There is a 1-up mushroom hidden behind a rug in the upper left corner of the level.
  • If you can find all the corrects exits, you can easily clear this room.
Room 4
  • This room is risky, because you need to jump on numerous floating islands without falling off the edge.
  • You also need to beware of the Lil' Sparkys and Hotheads in this room!

Part 2[edit]

You must choose one of the following rooms to enter. You only need to choose one, then you will advance to Part 3.

Room 5
  • This room is filled with the spikes of doom found in Wendy's Castle, and also numerous Thwomps!
  • The best thing to do would be to dash incredibly quickly when the spikes return upwards, so that you will not get crushed.
Room 6
  • This room is filled with water.
  • Beware of all the chain maces, Fish Bones and Dry Bones that you may find in this level!
  • The walls will move horizontally back and forth in this area, and beware of those with spikes attached to them!
Room 7
  • This room is infested with Bowser Statues that breathe fire at you. Some of the statues jump around, and they are harmful to jump on. Avoid them at all costs.
Room 8

Part 3[edit]

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It's dark at first, but hit the question mark block to turn on the light above you. Beware of the black stars and Mecha-Koopas.


This part is not timed. Mario appears on the rooftop and Bowser makes an entrance in his flying ship.

  • All you do is throw his MechaKoopas at him when you jump on the MechaKoopas (don't spin jump on them or you'll just have to wait for Bowser to throw new ones), wait until Bowser disappears for 30 seconds while dodging his little fires and Toadstool will appear and hand you a mushroom (if you lost both or 1 power up)
  • The Second round will begin.
    • First Bowser will pull out 2 Giant Marbles and you jump over until he throws his lackeys, do what you did last time on First round, now again, wait until he disappears when he gets hit and dodge the flames....Toadstoll will hand you another mushroom.
  • The Third round will begin.
    • Now, he will CHASE YOU by pouncing on the ground. This time he's furious, he will pounce on you and you have to shoot his lackeys. To avoid him easily run to the far left of the screen, as far as you can go, and duck. He then won't be able to pounce on you! (Doesn't work in the GBA version.)

Congratulations! You finally beat the game!