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Ludwig's Castle
Level type
Entrance Butter Bridge 2 & Cookie Mountain
Exit Forest of Illusion 1
Secret Exit None
Time at Start 300


  • Bony Beetles roam these passageways, and they're a bit of a nuisance. Jump on them while their spikes are not up, else you will just get hurt. Once they collapse, quickly run through before they reassemble. Or, as Cape Mario, use your cape to easily get rid of them
  • The lone Ball and Chain at the beginning is easy to avoid, but the other set is a bit more challenging. Run past the first two once you see a clear path, pass the third one and duck under the fourth one as it passes by. This should allow you to get through the area without getting hurt.
  • There is a secret here most people don't know about. One ceiling tile, near the door at the end, is not solid. (It's the square-shaped part of the ceiling.) You can jump through and climb the structure up to a pipe, where you can play the bonus game. You will arrive at the same place the door would've led you anyway, so it's not a shortcut or anything.
  • Collect the mushroom at the end if you need it, then enter the door to the second area.
  • You will start out on the right side. As soon as you appear, the ceiling comes down to crush you!
  • The only way to rescue is to run to the left. Even though you're under pressure, you shouldn't just jump blindly over those lava pits; you will just run into the Podoboos. Even if you wait for them to get back down into the lava, you should just barely have enough time.
  • Once you see the ON switch, wait until the ceiling comes near (if it isn't already) and jump at it to turn it off. The ceiling will rise back up, giving you some much-needed breathing room. However, once it's back up, it will just come rushing down again, so use the time to make it to the door at the very end!
  • After four more lava pits, there are no other obstacles, so you can just run forward without having to fear of running into anything. Enter the door at the end to get to the third area.
  • This room has climbing nets like in Iggy's Castle, but it's oriented vertically rather than horizontally.
  • On the first climbing net, you can jump off to the right and grab the feather from the ? block in the alcove if you need it.
  • As for jumping between the nets, you should preferably wait until the Koopas are behind the net (or at least somewhere where they can't just run into you). If you fall off, spikes will make sure your descent hurts a lot.
  • The boss door's on the left side, so don't bother jumping over to the right. Once there, enter the boss door to face the boss of this castle.

BOSS: Ludwig von Koopa[edit]


  • When you first appear here, the room will appear to be empty. Run forward to spot Ludwig.
  • His strategy is simple. He fires a few fireballs and then gets into his shell in an attempt to run into you.
  • To defeat him, you must dodge his fireballs and stomp him while he is firing them. Once you've gotten a hit in, he will get into his shell, jump out after a while and repeat his strategy.
  • After three hits, Ludwig will be history. Mario destroys his castle and move on to the Forest of Illusion.