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When the level begins, a group of Tri-Krebs, Pangolin Warriors, Pangos, and Spiders will appear, but they will only be at the bottom of the area. As a result, they will try and gather directly under Ayumi, and only shadow will be seen on the floor. Head downstairs and don't worry about the booby trap from earlier, as it's gone. The Monster Scale will correspond to the Spiders, so take them out first or focus on the other monsters for more souls. Since their attacks are strong and they all will gang up at once, it's best to get to high ground as the will appear in smaller numbers. Another good tactic is using Ice Flower spell, as it will hold the abundance in place for physical attacks. Once all the monsters are finished, collect all items. Under the platform at the start is a Gold Artifact pieceX-Blades Gold Trophy.png, nearest to the entrance, and a Ruby Artifact pieceX-Blades Platinum Trophy.png near the stairway. Take these and exit to "Deadly Passage (evening)" or backtrack to "The Fork in the Road (evening)". As the main monsters here are hard to kill and they all gang up so quickly, it is one of the perfect areas for soul collecting, as a player is almost guaranteed a million souls by the time the level is complete. This is also an ideal place to achieve an impossible combo rank and the "Counter Impossible" trophy/achievement as the Spiders here can't be killed by physical attacks, only phased. Try to whittle the mob down to at least two spiders and begin attacking one. As they can only be phased, a continuous hit will begin to rack up.