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Head down the flights of steps and round the bend to be greeted by an Ice Elemental. This creature will produce Ice Guardians, so it's best to stay on the move. At the bottom there is a Fire Crystal that will give Ayumi temporary Fire Blades. Walk under the Elemental and either use the fire-endowed pistols, or hit it with fireballs until it creates several Guardians which will use kamikaze attacks. Keep using fireballs to do away with these copies and resume with blasting the Elemental. Continue this until it is destroyed. Go and hack away at the statues. Within the statue on the right of the third row is a Silver Artifact pieceX-Blades Silver Trophy.png. The rest contain Soul Diamonds. Now head down the step and go through the doorway into the next area. If the player has only used fire spells for the whole fight, they will easily earn the "Magic Woman" Trophy/Achievement.