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Head down the hallway which exits into a large hall. Enter this hall and the hallway will become blocked by a forcefield and several Phantoms appear with a corresponding Monster Scale. Kill a few and Pangolin Warriors will appear. Kill a few more and Pangos will join in. Deplete the scale and another one will appear. Go around and collect the seven Soul Diamonds, three of which are inside the three sarcophagi, and bust up the pottery. Then head upstairs where a Galapagos will be waiting. The Monster Scale here will correspond to him, so take him out, only focusing on the lower monsters for extra souls. Start off with just physical attacks, then, when the lower monsters gang up, use a widespread spell. Once the Galapagos is dead, another Monster Scale will appear corresponding to the sudden large wave of Pangolin Warriors. Hack through the warriors, depleting the scale, using a widespread spell when they begin to gang up, and the level will be complete.

Now go and gather the remaining items. There are six Soul Diamonds around the enclosed row of columns. Go around and bust up the pottery and five sarcophagi. There is a Ruby Artifact pieceX-Blades Platinum Trophy.png in the second sarcophagus from the left of the stairway going back down, and there is a Soul Ruby in the sarcophagus next to the stairway going up. Now head up the flight of steps to exit the area. This is another perfect place to rack up a lot of souls, as the Galapagos will dole out a large total when killed. If the Ayumi plays her cards right, the player can walk away with at least 54,000,000 souls.