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As before, at the start there will be a Yellow Crystal at the end of this hallway. Head over to it and destroy it for souls. Head into the left hallway collect the Soul Diamonds and bust up the vases. Continue down down the hallway, reaching the left bend where a group of Pangos and Phantoms will appear. Continue forward until reaching the left turn where a forcefield will be blocking the way and there's an alleyway on the right. This time, if the player has the Sky Island mission pack version, there is no incantation circle portal blocking the alleyway here. There is also a Yellow Crystal in the center. Destroy it and take these monsters out. When they are killed, three Monster Generators will appear, one near the start, one in front of the alleyway and one at the end of the alleyway. These generators will produce Pangolin Sorcerers, so take them out or just fight the monsters for more souls.

With these generators taken care of, the forcefield will be lifted. Kill off the remaining monsters and continue down the hallway into the next hall. Around both left and right halls, there are some Soul Crystals, two on the left and three on the right. Take these and head for the end where the cliff into the chasm is located. Another forcefield will appear, blocking all entrances in the hall. A group of Pangos and Pangolin Sorcerers will appear – take them out to lift the forcefield. Next, a group of Phantoms will appear from below the cliff outside, as there are three Monster Generators down below. Head down, being careful not to fall into the chasm, and take the generators out and kill the leftover Phantoms. Now carefully go around and collect the Soul Ruby and destroy the Yellow Crystals for more souls and head back to the main hallway.

Now head down the left hallway until reaching another cliff outside where a Soul Crystal will be waiting. Take it and another forcefield will appear a little ways back. A group of Phantoms will appear, so take few steps back and use the pistols on them. Next, head up the conglomeration of plateaus to the top where a Soul Diamond and a Yellow Crystal will be waiting. Now trek down to the last plateau in the chasm, where three more Phantom-spawning Monster Generators will appear. In the center of this last plateau there is a Yellow Crystal and a Soul Diamond next to it. Destroy the crystal and grab the diamond for more souls. Now destroy the generator on the last plateau and then begin plateau-hopping back to take out the other two, being careful not to fall off.

There are also several Soul Diamonds and a Soul Ruby scattered around other higher plateaus. Once the generators are out of the way, take care of the remaining Phantoms to complete the level. Now head for the stone ledge and bust up the vases and sarcophagi for souls and a Soul Diamond, and return to the main hallway to exit back to "The Ruins II (evening)".