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From the starting point there will be a Yellow Crystal in view at the end of the hall, go and collect the souls it contains. Upon reaching the crystal, the hall on the left becomes blocked by a forcefield. Several Phantoms and Pangos will appear. Head left; the end of this hall will also be blocked. Begin attacking these monsters. Eventually a Monster Generator will appear producing both Pangolin Warriors and Sorcerers. Quickly go and focus on the generator to stop the appearance of new Pangolins, or leave it and do battle with constant wave monsters for more souls. Once all the monsters have been killed, continue on the right path around the bend where there is a small dead-end alley. If the game has the Sky Islands Mission Pack, there will be a violet glowing incantation circle here blocking a Soul Diamond and a Yellow Crystal.

Now the player has two choices, either take the portal to the Sky Islands or continue onwards in the area. If continue is the option, head left ignoring the portal. Keep moving until reaching the opening, which doubles as a cliff that empties into a chasm. Before reaching the cliff, another forcefield appears and several Pangos and Pangolins Warriors and Sorcerers appear. If health is a problem, there are two Health Crystals on either side of the room. Deplete the Monster Scale and the forcefield will disappear. Now head for the cliff. Here there will be several ledges and plateaus on either side. Drop down to a ledge and several Phantoms will appear. Quickly take them out. Once the Monster Scale is depleted, continue onward, carefully hopping from ledge to ledge to collect the items and head back to the starting hall.

With the right hall taken care of, head down the left one where at the end is another opening leading into another chasm. When approaching the cliff here, the hall is blocked by another forcefield, leaving Ayumi locked out, forced to battle the wave of Phantoms. Finish off these monsters and follow the ledge all the way around, busting up all the sarcophagi and vases for souls. Now head for the conglomeration of suspended plateaus in the center, and begin plateau hopping to the top, where the less scantly-clad Regenerative Armor will be there for the taking. When this armor is obtained, three Phantom-producing Monster Generators will appear. Carefully take out these generators and finish off any leftover Phantoms, before carefully journeying down the chasm collecting any Soul Diamonds that may still be around. Head back up and exit the chasm and return to the main hall to return to "The Ruins II" area.