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During her battle with the Light, Ayumi's eyes and tattoos begin to emit a purple glow. She drops her gunblades, the black ooze begins to emanate from her body spreading around the floor, and she falls to her knees in agony. The Light executes one last Fireball that smacks Ayumi across the room. When she hit the floor, the glow from her body vanishes, and she loses consciousness.

Ayumi opens her eyes to find herself in an endless white void. She stands up, and feels something on her right hand. She looks to see the black ooze on her hand and then flicks off where it lands just a few feet from her. The ooze droplet then spreads out - fast approaching Ayumi. Soon, the ooze catches up to her and then it begins to consume her body causing her to sink into the black void.

Ayumi opens her eyes to find herself laying on the beach and in one piece.

At the start, Ayumi will be standing on the beach facing the outskirts. Head forward and suddenly Ayumi will experience her first curse explosion. A curse will fly above and produce several Tri-Krebs. Since they are very close to the ground, the best attack is the Earthquake spell. Head for the closes red crystal to replenish the rage scale and use Earthquake to kill enough Tri-Krebs to deplete the monster scale. A new set of large and small Tri-Krebs will appear with a new scale. Continue to use Earthquake to kill this wave. Now some Six-Wingeds will appear one at a time. Use Fireball to kill these. Unlike the Tri-Krebs, the monster scale will be a lot slower to deplete. After killing these, a group of Ancient Six-Wingeds will appear. After these are all killed, a group of Pangolin Warriors will appear. These can be taken out with either physical or magic attacks - or a combination of the two. Finish them off to complete the level.

Go around and collect any items left over. In the gazebo on the left, there is a Ruby Artifact X-Blades Platinum Trophy.png, in the right gazebo is a Gold Artifact X-Blades Gold Trophy.png and the rest are several soul diamonds and a soul ruby. Collect these and head for the next area.