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Head up the titular stairwell to be greeted by some Phantoms. On the first mini platform on the left, there is a gold artifact piece X-Blades Gold Trophy.png, grab and continue up the stairs. Once on the upper large platform focus attacking the Phantoms to reduce their numbers, preventing them from forming a pentalpha. In four of the six stalls on both side is a single Ancient Six-Winged. An easy solution here is to use dark magic. But for those wanting to stay on the light path, this is not an option. So just use any other long range spell, that has been unlocked and purchased or just good old fashion lead to take them out. When a set is killed another will spawn to take their place. Just keep focusing on mostly Phantoms to prevent the pentalpha, taking the time out to direct fire on a few Six-Wingeds until the scale is depleted - completing the level. If any items are leftover, take them and exit the area.