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At the start, Ayumi will almost immediately experience another curse explosion. The curse will create several Pangos and small Tri-Krebs. Battle these until the Monster Scale is depleted, at which time a group of Phantoms will appear. Deplete this scale and another group of Phantoms and Six-Wingeds will appear. The scale here is for the Six-Wingeds, so carefully focus on them. Once the third scale is depleted, a group of Pangolin Warriors will appear. Halfway through this scale, a Galapagos will appear at the end of the main path, so head for it and proceed to take it out. Unlike its giant relative, it will take standard attacks yet it wise to use widespread attacks when the Pangolins gang up.

When this Galapagos is killed, head to the exit where another Galapagos will be waiting. Make short work of it and head back to where the first Galapagos was to find another Galapagos. Defeat it, and the fourth Galapagos will be at the exit as the second was. Kill this one and head back yet again to the previous spot to face the fifth Galapagos. Once finished, go back the exit to face the sixth and final Galapagos. With the scale depleted, finish off the remaining Pangolin Warriors to do away with the curse's physical form and complete the level. Now go around and collect all the leftover items. The Cat statue in the fourth of the path leading to the exit contains a Gold Artifact pieceX-Blades Gold Trophy.png that will give, if the other two pieces are in possession, Ayumi's "Melee Upgrade Level 2". Now head for the door to exit.