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PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,Windows

The game begins with a narrative monologue by Ayumi introducing herself and explaining what she does as she arrives at her destination a year later. She briefly recounts how she arrived at this point in time and states if the legend is true, it "would truly be a prize beyond imagination", but if it was junk, she would sell it for a hefty price.

This first level is essentially a tutorial. The message first states to "use Neutral lstick to move". Go around the room and bust up the statues and pottery for some extra souls. Head forward and go behind the wall where there will be a glowing pit. Stand at the edge of the pit and the message will state to "use Cross button to jump". Jump to the other side, keeping in mind that nothing will happen if Ayumi were to fall in and there are platforms to help Ayumi out. Move over to the ledge, and the message now states to perform a double jump or to "press Cross button while jumping to jump higher". Double jump up to the ledge and drop down to the other side. Head forward outside into the courtyard, and all hallways will be blocked by magic forcefields. A group of Pangos will appear by materializing through magical explosions. The message will state to use Square button to attack. Hit the Pangos repeatedly until they are all finished. The a Six-Winged will appear above. The message states to use R1 button to shoot it down. Kill it and another will appear in its place. Kill four more Six-Wingeds and the message will instruct to open the skill menu to purchase the Earthquake spell for a hundred souls. This is needed as the group of monsters will consist of Pangos and Tri-Krebs. Continue attacking until the Rage Scale has filled up enough, then use the spell to kill them. Do this again to kill the remaining monsters and forcefields will be lifted.

Go around the courtyard to bust up the statues for more souls. The cat statue on the right side of the large entrance contains the first Soul Diamond of the game. Now proceed into the next hallway. The message will state to buy the Fireball spell for fifty souls. Do this and prepare to battle with an Ice Elemental. Build up enough rage and hit the elemental with a fireball. Continue this with five more Elementals and the Monster Scale will be depleted. Now bust up the pottery and the three rows of cat statues. Turn the right corner and break the three additional cat statues, then drop down the large hole at the end of the hallway. In this hallway there will be four rows of sarcophagi and the exit at the end. The message states that these sarcophagi look suspicious and states to destroy them. So go and break the open. The third row will have a Soul Diamond on the right and the game's first Silver Artifact pieceX-Blades Silver Trophy.png on the left. Collect the piece, and the level will be complete. Now bust up the last two sarcophagi and head for the exit.