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At the start, the sounds of monsters materializing can be heard and their Monster Scale appears. Head out, making a right going up the first flight of steps around the left bend where a second steps and a long hallway are. There two Spiders near the steps which fire violet rays and disappear if a physical or certain magical attacks are used against them. The best method is to use one of the lightning spells, preferably Lightning Range. When the two are killed, three more Spiders appear along with a group of Pangolin Warriors. Continue to use Lighting Range on all of these monsters while running up and down the hallway. After awhile, the Monster Scale will be depleted and level will be complete. Now go around and bust up the ten stone statues for more souls. On the second row there are Soul Diamonds, on the third row there is a Soul Diamond and Silver Artifact pieceX-Blades Silver Trophy.png, on the fourth row there is a Soul Diamond on the right, and in the fifth row there is a Soul Diamond on the left. Now take the stairway round the left bend and exit to the next area.