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Travelling to Fawn[edit]

Fawn Tower hidden Treasure

Before you arrive at Fawn you will come to the Fawn Tower (95S, 7E) which is very dirty and overrun by goblins. Take some time and clean up by killing all goblins in and around the tower. You will know you are finished when the garbage is gone and Monitor pikemen once again occupy the tower. There is a secret wall beside the stairs and behind it is a basket containing a Ultima VII - SI - Magic Bow.png magic bow, 20 Ultima VII - SI - Lucky Arrows.png lucky arrows, 13 Ultima VII - Magic Bolts.png magic bolts.

Take the white paved bridge into Fawn. When you arrive at the entrance, a Fawn guard will tell you to behave yourself in the city. You will also encounter a Fellowship member named Ruggs, who will ask you to deliver a letter to Delphynia. Agree to the task and enter the city.

First time in Fawn[edit]

Song of Iolo

When you come across the fountain near the entrance for the first time, a teleport storm will occur and deposit a second lute. If Iolo is in your party at the time, people will ask for a song.

In addition to Ruggs's letter, Delphynia (69S, 18E, that is the south-east corner of the town) can also give you the Ultima VII - SI - Varo Leaves.png Varo Leaves which can cure the Avatar's poison.Take the leaves to Harnna in Monitor to be cured and then return to Fawn.

After Delphynia reads Ruggs's letter, she will give you a letter to return to him. Back at the entrance, give the letter to Ruggs. He will thank you for it and send you to Scots at the Fellowship camp (76S, 22E) to get a very useful Ultima VII - SI - Map.png map of Serpent Isle. Press M to see the map. If you carry a Ultima VII - Sextants.png sextant, you will also see your location on the map (represented by a yellow cross).

Looting Fawn[edit]

Map of Fawn

The city of Fawn can be divided in four quarters. A canal with a single bridge separates the south quarter from the rest of the city. The palace and the temple make up the center of the city. A few buildings are to the east, a few more to the west.

South Fawn[edit]

East of the fountain is the shop of Delin and his Daughter Alyssand (75S, 13E). Go down the stairs and pull the lever by them and go down another stairs. Grab some food and Ultima VII - Lockpicks.png lockpicks if you need it and pull another lever partially hidden by the barrels. Go back up and go though the now open wall. The only interesting thing is the hidden bag behind the barrel which contains 50 Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari, invisibility ring, Ultima VII - SI - Fishnet Stockings.png fishnet stockings and 3 Ultima VII - Gems.png gems.

West of the fountain is the sleep-house (74S, 7E) of Delin and Alyssand. There is nothing important except few Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari in the drawers, so continue North to a crossing.

East Fawn[edit]

From south to north

Go far east and enter Delphynia's House (69S, 18E). Except for Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari and some food, the only interesting stuff to grab are the reagents in the locked chest.

Go back and enter the next house (61S, 19E) North of Delphynia's house. It is where Captain Voldin lives. In upper floor there are a lot more Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari to grab along with a plate armor set (though the boots are missing).

Continue to another house (Joth's) North (56S, 19E) where you can grab a Ultima VII - SI - Black Potion.png black potion and some money. On the balcony there is a crate with 60 Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari inside.

West Fawn[edit]

From north to south

Go all the way west again and enter the big building (56S, 3E). In two crates there is some Ultima VII - Jewelry.png jewelry and a Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png magic scroll (Great Ignite).

The tavern is at (61S, 3E) and Jendon can give you info about people and strange objects, just like Harnna in Monitor. In his bedroom is a gold key that opens the bedrooms doors; he will give it to you for free if you follow the plot. Go down in the basement and pull the lever by the Ultima VII - Speer.png spear. In the pickable chest are 99 Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari and two potions. In one of the barrels are some reagents to grab.

In Olon's house at (70S, 1E) is some money and 5 Ultima VII - Lockpicks.png lockpicks.

In house (70S, 1E) West of that, there is only 10 Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari and a Ultima VII - Boomerang.png boomerang in the locked chest.

In house (72S, 0E) south of that is only 15 Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari.

Garth's house at (74S, 4W) is locked so pick it open and go in bedroom. In drawers is a Ultima VII - Plate Armour.png plate armour and 55 Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari and in pickable chest are another 86 Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari and dust of invisibility.

Fawn center[edit]

From south to north

The royal palace of Fawn consists of four buildings connected by bridges.

  • The south wing is also the biggest building (69S, 9E) in Fawn. Go in room Northeast from the entrance. If you do not have an abacus, you can now grab one from the desk. You can check how much money you have with G on the keyboard. In the drawers are: a red key (for what?), Ultima VII - SI - Yellow Potion.png yellow potion, Ultima VII - Armoured Boots.png armoured boots and some Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari. In the pickable chest are two Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png magic scrolls (Light and Create Food) and a Ultima VII - SI - Purple Potion.png purple potion. In Northwest there is some stuff: Ultima VII - SI - Purple Potion.png purple potion, 4 Ultima VII - Black Pearl.png black pearls, bandage, Ultima VII - Lockpicks.png lockpick and some money. In Southwest go down the stairs and get key (which open all Prison-Doors here), bandage and some food.
  • Cross any of the bridges to the north wing (61S, 9E), that is the throne room. Ignore it for now and take the bridge to the West.
  • The north-west wing is at (55S, 6E) and belongs to Zulith. Zulith also exchanges money (but not gold, gems and jewelry) and his fee is high, so don't bother with it. His house only has 20 Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari and an Ultima VII - SI - Orange Potion.png orange potion.
  • Finally, the north-east wing (58S, 15E) belongs to Lady Yelinda and there is some Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari and a key in the drawers. This key will open the locked door in the throne room and leads to a Serpent Gate.

North of the palace is the temple, that consists of three buildings connectedby bridges. Unfortunately, most doors are locked and impossible to be picked;

  • The east building of the temple (53S, 15E) is locked, so you need to pick it and once inside you can destroy the glass with your weapon to grab all Ultima VII - Gems.png gems inside.
  • Ignore the Temple of Beauty west of that for now.
  • The west house (53S, 5E) belongs to Lady Kylista, so check the "Magic Armor" section for that.


Hail to British. Oops!

Go around talking with people, preferably in the tavern. Some time later Alyssand will come to you and ask for a favor. She wants you to free the city from the evil schemes of Voldin. So agree to help her. After you've talked with Alyssand, Zulith will follow you. Talk with him and accuse him of following you. He will go away, but later another one will come after you.

This time it is Kalen, a companion of Batlin, who wants your head. Kill him and he will spit out some last words like Batlin will triumph over the Avatar at last. Some time after that Jorvin will come to you and ask you and Iolo to come to Throne Room at noon, because Lady Yelinda was touched by the song sung by Iolo. Lady Yelinda will then give a White Diamond Necklace to Iolo. Dupre will then say something about Lord British and Jorvin will jail him and send you and your party to sleep.

Upon awakening, you will find a scroll on the nightstand, so read it. It says you must be at the Temple for the trial. So the next thing to do is going to the Temple and witness the trial, which is a farce. After the first day of the trial is over talk with Alyssand. She will give you a key for the Temple where Dupre is held.

Go to the Temple again and open the west door with the key. In bag on the table are 3 Ultima VII - Gems.png gems. Go down the stairs and pull the lever and go up the other stairs. You will catch Voldin messing around with levers which control the Oracle. He thought you were Kylista and attack you to not let you reveal the Oracle is corrupt. Kill him and pull the center lever first, then the rightmost. Oracle will then speak to you. Tell it to change the revelation and say that the trial is corrupt. (If you tell the Oracle that Dupre is innocent instead of trial is corrupt, then there will be a difference in the outcome of the trial: Kylista will not be jailed.)

Now you're done and you need to wait the next morning to resume the trial. You can do what you want in the meantime or just sleep it through. Eventually, go back to the trial. You may call witnesses or not, it is not important. The Oracle will declare Dupre innocent and announce Kylista and Voldin guilty. Jorvin will come back to the temple and tell Lady Yelinda that he has thrown Kylista in jail and found Voldin dead. Lady Yelinda will offer her apologies to you and give Dupre the Ultima VII - SI - Crystal Rose of Love.png Crystal Rose of Love. You will need this item later.

Next goal is the Inn of the Sleeping Bull.

Shops in Fawn[edit]

Everything in Fawn can be bought with Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari.

Delin/Alyssand Delphynia
Bag 30 F Ultima VII - Black Pearl.png Black Pearl 70 F
Bucket 35 F Ultima VII - Nightshade.png Nightshade 25 F
Ultima VII - Fishing Rod.png Fishing Rod 25 F Ultima VII - Garlic.png Garlic 15 F
Candle 4 F Ultima VII - Ginseng.png Ginseng 20 F
Ultima VII - Torch.png Torch 25 F Ultima VII - Mandrake Root.png Mandrake Root 65 F
Ultima VII - Bed Roll.png Bed Roll 150 F Apple 6 F
Ultima VII - SI - Fur Boots.png Fur Boots 100 F Carrot 7 F
Backpack 200 F Pumpkin 18 F
Ultima VII - SI - Fishnet Stockings.png Fishnet Stockings 25 F
Ultima VII - Great Helm.png Great Helm 300 F
Ultima VII - Crossbow.png Crossbow 550 F
Ultima VII - Bolts.png 20x Bolt 75 F
Ultima VII - Sextants.png Sextant 100 F
Mirror 120 F

Reclaimed items[edit]

Ultima VII - Meat.png Food[edit]

Delin has your Ultima VII - Meat.png food while you have all his Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari. He cannot give the food back and he wants the Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari back, but only if you buy something from him.

Ultima VII - Magic Gauntlets.png Magic Gauntlets[edit]

Youcan go to Delin's shop and talk with Alyssand about the Ultima VII - SI - Silver Ring.png silver ring (or talk about it later when she come to you). She wants you to keep the Ultima VII - SI - Silver Ring.png ring and will give back the Ultima VII - Magic Gauntlets.png magic gauntlets.

Ultima VII - Magic Armor.png Magic Armor[edit]

You can meet Kylista at the fountain after the teleport storm and ask her to swap the Ultima VII - SI - Breast Plate.png breast plate for the Ultima VII - Magic Armor.png magic armor, but it is best you ignore her and go to her house in the north-west (at 53S, 5E) and get Ultima VII - Magic Armor.png your magic armor along with some potions and Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari.