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Before you continue[edit]

If you haven't freed Captain Hawk from Bull Tower, then go to Inn of the Sleeping Bull and do so, otherwise you can't go to Moonshade.

Map of Moonshade Isle

Passages to Moonshade[edit]

Map of Moonshade
Journey to Moonshade
Right of the Stairs is a secret Wall.

Talk with Captain Hawk in Inn of the Sleeping Bull and ask for a journey to Moonshade. Go to ship and wait until Hawk and the other two enter the ship too. You will now journey to Moonshade through a Teleport Storm. Go east and then north to reach Moonshade.

Go to the Seminarium (93S, 150E) and talk with Fedabiblio about a Ultima VII - SI - Spellbook.png spellbook. He wants you to bring him three Ultima VII - Mandrake Root.png Mandrake Roots plundered on Monk Isle. In his desk is also a key. In his house are also Freli, the son of Delin in Fawn. Talk with him about his father. He will then give you a scroll which you can give to Delin when you're back in Fawn. There are a lot of Reagents, Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Magic Scrolls (Heal, Translation, Create Food) to grab. In the bed rooms are an Amulet of Protection and a Magic Compass (There is also a scroll in the library that tells you how the compass works and there are some book which give you useful information).

Gustacio's house is at (91S, 152E) and there is only one thing of interest (asides from a few reagents on the table and scroll besides it which tells you Gustacio has trouble with the Blink Spell) and its the Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Magic Scroll in the basement. Its a ninth circle spell called Summon. So don't waste it until you have the Ultima VII - SI - Spellbook.png Spellbook and transcribe it into it.

Football Field Bug
Click on the East Wall of the Apothecary to find a secret basement which has a Ultima VII - Lighting Whip.png Lighting Whip which is protected by Ultima VII - Undead.png undead. There is a secret wall to the north. The door behind it can only be opened with the key from Pothos' house. It has a teleporter which leads to a football field with some Ice Trolls and Magical Ice Creatures. At the goal line is a blue chest with some nice stuff like Ultima VII - Magic Shield.png Magic Shield, Ultima VII - Magic Leggings.png Magic Leggings, Ultima VII - Magic Boots.png Magic Boots, Ultima VII - Magic Gauntlets.png Magic Gauntlets, Ultima VII - SI - Fire Sword.png Fire Sword and two Potions. BUT the teleporter doesn't work so the only way is to let yourself get killed after you have looted the chest (or use the blood letting device on yourself to commit suicide).
If you talk to Captain Hawk while Kane and Flindo are asleep,then the Game may get stuck. So talk to him only if both are awake!

Columna's House at (85S, 150E) also has some stuff. First take the Key from the chest and unlock the Door to the basement with it, but beware there is a nasty trap there. Get the Green Key and Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Magic Scroll (Time Stop, another 9th Circle Spell) in the basement and go out again. Next is Stefano's House at (82S, 152E) which is empty and the only thing to take is the Green Key on the table. So continue on to Torrisso's house at (84S, 142E). The chest has some reagents and the nightstand has a Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Magic Scroll (Reveal) and there is a Yellow Key on the chimney.

Key to Storeroom

The Apothecary is at (79S, 138E) and has quite a lot of stuff to sell. The two chests are pickable and have: Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Cause Fear Scroll, Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Swordstrike Scroll, Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Mind Blast scroll. Do note that Pothos is not available until after the banquet, but you can enter the storeroom with the key which is hidden in the bedroom. Move the left chair away from the desk and take the key. Unlock the door to the storeroom and take the magic stuff for yourself. The Palace is at (72S, 139E), but it's locked so you need to speak with Flindo about meeting the MageLord.

The Provisonner is at (73S, 134E) where Bucia sells some stuff. She is also the only one on Serpent Isle who buys gold bars, so sell them to her, but as for gems you better sell them to Topo at the market. There is also a Ultima VII - SI - Magic Sword.png Magic Sword at the Market near the Forge. The Rangers reside at (73S, 127E). Get the key off the desk in northern half and use it on the door near the stairs. There is a Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Magic Scroll (Enchant Arrows) and some stuff in the chest. Beside it is a lever which opens a secret wall below. Go down the stairs twice and pull another Lever. The Scroll behind another secret wall only tell you how to make good wine.

Mortegro lives at (64S, 146E). The key on the table open the first Door. In desk is a Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Restoration scroll. There is also a shiny Golden Key on Torture Table. There is a hidden Lever behind the last Stone bier.


Talk with Flindo at the Market (or Pub, Bucia's Shop, his House...) if not done already and ask him about meeting the MageLord. Now wander around in the city, talking to people, looting the houses, etc until you get visited by an Automaton which gives you a talking Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Magic Scroll from Rotoluncia. Use it to talk to Rotoluncia (do not use it before speaking to Flindo or else you will be stuck in Moonshade for a long time, for you will never get the invitation to the dinner with the Magelord). She wants the knowledge to command demons which was traveling with Batlin. Naturally you don't have such knowledge, so you say no to her.

another Banquet in Chaos
Hidden Lever and Key

Now go back to Flindo and ask him again to meet the MageLord (You can't meet the MageLord until you've talked with Rotoluncia via the Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Magic Scroll). He tells you that he was successful so you only need to wander around until you are summoned to the Banquet where the MageLord greet you and introduces you to the three Adepts until Rotoluncia accuses you to be behind the Teleport Storm and attack you, but Gustacio prevent it. She will then teleport away and Pothos will come in and report to MageLord that there was no Ultima VII - Bloodmoss.png Blood Moss found, so MageLord stop the Banquet. You are now free to walk around in the Palace. In the Kitchen are 5 Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Create Food Scroll and the Library have one Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Translation Scroll. There is also a Lever behind the Stone Throne which open way to the Treasure Room which has 4 Ultima VII - Gold Bars.png Gold Bars and 3 locked Chest. The Key for the 3 Chests are in the Bed-Room near the Chimney. Move the Potted Plant north of it away and take the Purple Key. In all there is: Ultima VII - Magic Axe.png Magic Axe, Ultima VII - SI - Fire Sword.png Fire Sword, 113 Ultima VII - SI - Guilders.png Guilders, 7 Ultima VII - Gems.png Gems, 2 Ultima VII - Gold Nuggets.png Gold Nugget and a Virtue Stone (probably a Program Error since it shouldn't be in SI).

Swamp with Blood Moss

Now go to Bucia and ask her about Pothos. She will tell you how Pothos look similar to Erstam. With this Knowledge go to Pothos and talk with him about Ultima VII - Bloodmoss.png Blood Moss and secret. Agree to find some Ultima VII - Bloodmoss.png Blood Moss for him. Pothos will also teach you how to make Ultima VII - SI - Bloodspawn.png Bloodspawn. Now go South of the City to the Swamp at the Entrance (127S, 153E). The Path leads, protected by Ultima VII - Tentacle - Green.png Green Tentacle and Ultima VII - Slime.png Slimes, to a "Isle of Blood Moss" Take it and go back to Pothos.

Companion disappeared[edit]

Pothos will then give you Infos to how to get to Estram in exchange for Ultima VII - Bloodmoss.png Blood Moss. Now leave the Building just to see someone from your Party disappeared. Go to MageLord and tell him of it and tell him you suspect Rotoluncia. He will then tell you to inspect her House in the Northeast.

Rotoluncia's House is at (74S, 155E). One Automaton will stop you and ask you to leave. Ask him about kipnap and he will attack you. Pick the Chest for Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Paralyze Scroll, Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Fire Snake Scroll and Red Key. The Red Key open the Cell where the Naga is imprisoned. The Scrolls are not important, since it only tell thee of Romantic Story of Rotoluncia and Filbercio. Be sure to take along the Ultima VII - SI - Serpent Jawbone.png Serpent Tooth in the Bag on the Table.

Fight with Rotoluncia

Go back to MageLord and tell him you found nothing. He will now tell you of the Love Palace in the Lake and give you permission to use his Boat to reach it. Go to the Island and go up and take the Key from the Cupboard. Go in the Basement and unlock the Door. Go to Rotoluncia. She will ask a last time for the Secret of Gargoyle Controlling. You still don't know it so you must fight her and 4 Ultima VII - SI - Magic Gremlin.png Magic Gremlin. Take 2 Purple Key from the Corpse and free your Companion with one of the Purple Keys. You can also use the same Key to open the Door with the Teleporter which bring you back to MageLord's House.

Now you're done in Moonshade and its time to go to Mad Mage Isle.

Shops in Moonshade[edit]

Everything in Moonshade can be buyed with Ultima VII - SI - Guilders.png Guilders.

Ducio Bucio Pothos (Potions) Pothos (Reagents) Pothos (Magic Items)
Ultima VII - SI - Red Cloak.png Red Cloak 200 G Ultima VII - Torch.png 3x Torch 20 G Ultima VII - Blue Potion.png Sleeping Potion 85 G Ultima VII - Black Pearl.png Black Pearl 50 G Ultima VII - Magic Leggings.png Magic Leggings 550 G
Ultima VII - Sword.png Sword 350 G Backpack 120 G Ultima VII - SI - Yellow Potion.png Healing Potion 100 G Ultima VII - Mandrake Root.png Mandrake Root 75 G Ultima VII - Magic Boots.png Magic Boots 100 G
Ultima VII - Shovel.png Shovel 100 G Ultima VII - Dagger.png Dagger 8 G Ultima VII - SI - White Potion.png Light Potion 50 G Ultima VII - Garlic.png Garlic 8 G Ultima VII - Magic Axe.png Magic Axe 600 G
Ultima VII - Torch.png Torch 10 G Ultima VII - Abacus.png Abacus 120 G Ultima VII - SI - Red Potion.png Curing Potion 75 G Ultima VII - Spider Silk.png Spider Silk 35 G Ultima VII - Sword of Defense.png Sword of Defense 1200 G
Ultima VII - Pick.png Pick 140 G Ultima VII - Sextants.png Sextant 150 G Ultima VII - SI - Orange Potion.png Awaking Potion 65 G Ultima VII - Sulfurous Ash.png Sulfurous Ash 36 G Ultima VII - Magic Bolts.png 10x Magic Bolt 200 G
Bucket 28 G Ultima VII - Leather Boots.png Leather Boots 50 G Ultima VII - SI - Purple Potion.png Protection Potion 150 G Ultima VII - SI - Worm Heart.png Worm Heart 100 G Ultima VII - Glass Sword.png Glass Sword 1500 G
Pitcher 30 G Ultima VII - Leather Leggings.png Leather Leggings 110 G Ultima VII - SI - Black Potion.png Invisibility Potion 240 G
Lamp 12 G Ultima VII - Bed Roll.png Bed Roll 175 G
Cloth 20 G Sleeping Powder 75 G
Bread 8 G Bandages 50 G
Rolls 5 G Ultima VII - SI - Bear Cloak.png Bear Cloak 250 G
Cake 10 G


Empty Hut[edit]

It's at (130S, 158E) and it contain 9 Ultima VII - SI - Serpent Scale.png Serpent Scale. In the Basement may be a Ultima VII - Tentacle - Green.png Green Tentacle and 49 Ultima VII - SI - Filari.png Filari.


Behind Tree is a hidden Cave.

There is a hidden Cave at (112S, 128E). It's 4 Chest with some Armor and Weapons.

Magicians Wand[edit]

There is one at (97S, 99E).

Evil People[edit]

At (94S, 97E) you will find a House where one Dark Monk and Dark Witch live. Kill them and get the Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Great Light Scroll along with the items on the dead Boy's body. A Ultima VII - Pocket Watch.png Pocket Watch, 3 Ultima VII - Gold Coins.png gold coins, 6 Ultima VII - SI - Monetari.png monetari, 6 Ultima VII - Lockpicks.png lock picks, and some Dust of Invisibility.

Stefano old House[edit]

At (83S, 101E) is a Hollow Tree which contain a Key. Take it and open the House left of the Tree. Unlock another Door inside and run fast to avoid a Trap. In the Drawer is one more Key to take. In the left Chest are: Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png False Coin Scroll, 2x Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Create Food and Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Protection Scroll.

Vasculio's House[edit]

At (67S, 112E) is a broken down House. In the Basement are some Ultima VII - Rat.png Rats and an Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Invisibility All Scroll.

Magic Harp[edit]

At (57S, 102E) is a Magic Harp in the Tower. It will confuse the Ultima VII - SI - Ratman.png Ratmen in the Catacombs.

Water Tower[edit]

At (56S, 125E) is sort of a Water Tower with a Telescope which show you of a Gargoyle with a Bridge and around are Lava (This is in Furnace). There is a Ultima VII - SI - Magic Scroll.png Fire Ring Scroll to pick up.

Spider Temple[edit]

Its at (52S, 155E) and is guarded by Ultima VII - Spider.png Spider. It has Ultima VII - Poison Dagger.png Poison Dagger and some Ultima VII - Spider Silk.png Spider Silk there. There is also another Ultima VII - SI - Infinity Bow.png Infinity Bow hidden under Spider Statue and can only be obtained by hackmoving it.

Reclaimed Items[edit]

Ultima VII - Mutton.png Mutton[edit]

Ask any Ranger at the Fort and they will forward you to Commander Julia. Talk with her about Ultima VII - SI - Ice Wine.png strange Wine and she will tell you that its indeed taken from Rangers Fort. That Ultima VII - Mutton.png Mutton is long by eaten so you get nothing in return and you dont need to return the Ice Wine either.