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The Silver Seed adds a lot of new content including:

  • A whole new Location to explore (DeathWatch Keep).
  • Four dungeons with lots of monsters to fight and puzzles to solve (Abandoned Outpost, Issik's Maze, Aram-Dol's Lair and The Fiend's Lair).
  • Some new magic items (Gauntlets of Quickness, Helm of Light, Erinon's Axe, Belt of Strength, Ring of Reagents).
  • Some new friends (Isstanar, Surok, Elissa, Tsandar, Yurel and Draxinar) and enemies (such as Aram-Dol and The Fiend).
  • Elissa offers training (for the Avatar only) in Magic and Int. She also sells some spells.
  • Tsandar offers training in Combat and Strength.