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Alinos Gateway is one of the larger arenas. This arena consists mostly of lava, so if you are not Spire, watch your step. With availability of the Imperialist and many great sniping spots, this arena is ideal for a sniper.

  • Map Size: Large
  • Condition: Land on Alinos in single-player mode
  • Supported Modes: Battle, Survival, Prime Hunter, Defender, Nodes


  • While using Spire, due to his resistance to lava, once you have grabbed the Imperialist, you can pick opponents off with headshots from hidden areas in the lava.
  • Sniping is the dominate form of warfare in Alinos Gateway, so when you find yourself in the middle of a sniping fire fight, or are being sniped upon, switch into alt form and make for a quick escape.
  • Make for a difficult target by moving around erratically and often taking the jump pad path.

Sniping spots[edit]

  • At the balcony where the imperialist is located
  • In Alinos Gateway, there are many great, even excellent sniping spots. The majority of the sniping spots in Alinos Gateway are on top of the many spires of rock rising out of the lava. The first rock formation is located to the left of the balcony holding the coveted Imperialist. To get to the top of this formation, walk up to and walk against it. You will notice that are beginning to slowly slide up the rock. The term for this is gliding, this technique can be used to get to many other sniping spots in various other arenas. The next formations are accesable via jump pads. The first and best formation, is located right off the strip of land to the left. Head onto the jump pad and move in midair over and land on the formation. The second formation is located near the first. You can take a chance by jumping for it from the balcony, or just using the jump pad on the platform below and divert yourself onto the formation.
  • Use Spire, get the Imperialist, go under the balcony where it's located, then head towards the rock pillar. You will be in between the piller and the rock stairs fire at the pillar then change to alt form you will go in to the pillar then change back into biped Spire and you will be able to see through it and snipe people.