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The arena of Outer Reach is precariously set in space, So fall off and your dead. Because of this, Alt forms do not play a very large roll in this arena. For example, in Morph Ball, with it's boosts there is no room for error, one false move/boost and you fall off into oblivion. The open layout of Outer Reach will play host to exciting deathmatch battles. The top floor and it's overhangs are designed for long distance combat. You will find the Judiciator and the Shock coil on either side and the Imperialist hover in the middle over a drop. The middle floor is set up for more defensive play with two protected alcoves that contain Energy Balls. The middle floor also has the availability of UA packs and a few Affinity Weapon power-ups.

  • Map Size:
  • Condition: Play 10 multiplayer games
  • Supported Modes: Battle, Survival, Prime Hunter, Capture, Defender, Nodes