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  • Lore: Sealing Gorea 1-5
  • Bioform: Gorea Arm
  • Bioform: Gorea(x2)
  • Bioform: Trocra
  • Object: Gorea Seal Sphere
  • Bioform: Gorea 2
  • Equipment: Omega Cannon

Once you exit your ship head onto the elevator. At the top take the portal. Through the portal you will come to a chamber with the lores Sealing Gorea 1-5. Scan these and take the door to the left of the portal. The door at the end of the massive hallway leads to the battle against Gorea, but a quick detour will prove worth your time. As you enter the room, turn to the right and go through the Morph Ball tunnel to the end. As you exit the tunnel be prepared, because it exits to a small ledge. Switch out of alt-form and jump to the platform to your right and go through the portal to get the seventh and final energy tank. Return through the portal and jump down and go through the giant doors to the final battle. When you enter, walk to the center of the room.


The battle with Gorea shouldn't take long if you are experienced with the game. Gorea wields enhanced versions of all of the Hunters' weapons, and it is resistant to all weapons but one. Gorea's body will constantly shift colors, each color representing a weapon. You cannot truly damage Gorea until you destroy its arms by shooting its shoulder joints. Severed arms will regenerate, so they have to be destroyed in rapid succession. There is one thing to do first before you defeat Gorea. Once the battle starts, jump over the yellow moat between the center of the room and outer part of the room. Don't touch it, because the moat will constantly drain your health. Shoot the colored panels on the walls in this order:

  1. Yellow: Volt Driver
  2. Green: Battlehammer
  3. Orange: Magmual
  4. Blue: Shock Coil
  5. Purple: Judicator
  6. Red: Imperialist

The whole time while you are doing so you will be under fire, so keep moving. Once you shoot all of the symbols you will get a message from your ship.

Alternate strategy[edit]

Another way is to use only the Imperialist. Circle around Gorea as it changes colors. When it turns red, equip the Imperialist, but don't use it yet. Evade its three to four shots at you, and when it turns to blue activate the scope. Focus in on both shoulders, destroying them one at a time. Once both shoulders are gone, Gorea will turn upside down and expose its weak spot, the Seal Sphere. Constantly fire upon it with the Imperialist. If you use any other weapon when Gorea is in his state a tentacle will extend from its body, pick you up, throttle you while draining your energy, and drop you in the center of the room. When you have cut Gorea's health down to about one third, there will be an explosion sound and Gorea will proceed into returning to it's original state.

Repeat the above two more times to kill Gorea, and if you didn't shoot the colored panels, the game will end when this form of Gorea is slain.

Gorea Phase 2[edit]

After you destroy Gorea, you will be transported to a different area, where Gorea will reveal itself in a different form. The only weapon that is effective against Gorea now is the legendary Omega Cannon. Once you receive a transmission from your ship, drop down to the ground level and grab the Omega Cannon. Once you've grabbed the Omega Cannon start toward the top of the structure, shooting at Gorea with the Omega Cannon if it decides to make an appearance along your way to the top. Once at the top, Gorea will appear there, giving you the chance to destroy it once and for all. After a few hits at one spot, Gorea will teleport to another nearby spot. This battle doesn't usually take that long, but sometimes Gorea will decide to play tricky and teleport down to the lower areas, thus extending the length of the battle.