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This is a pretty watered down version of Elder Passage. It has a tunnel network with energy and the Judicator under the arena. In the center there is a Double Damage. To reach the Imperialist on the highest ledge, get to the Magmaul then jump to the level to the left. Proceed from there, picking up some missiles, and go to the edge of that ledge. Walk towards the Imperialist and jump onto the short ledge. From there jump up and get the Imperialist, happy sniping!

  • Map Size: Medium
  • Condition: Available from the beginning
  • Supported Modes: Battle, Survival, Prime Hunter, Nodes


  • You can bomb-glide with Lockjaw as Sylux from the Magmaul spawn area to the Imperialist spawn area. If you are not fast enough, try starting on the raised area by the Magmaul and landing on the step to get to the Imperialist.
  • If you can use the Lockjaw fast enough, you can go from the raised rail (below and to the right of the Magmaul spawn, as you're facing the Imperialist) to bombclimb up to the Magmaul spawn. After that you can bomb-glide to the Imperialist, a fast shortcut indeed.
  • You can also go to the other side of the rail away from the Magmaul spawn to get to the Imperialist step, however this is very difficult and requires a bomb be laid elsewhere to save one bomb.