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Energy ball[edit]

Energy restores your health. Your maximum is your energy tank limit, but in multiplayer, you can only have 199. There are three kinds of energy.

  • Pink: This energy is has a pink outer color and a white inner diamond. These can be found by blowing up boxes or killing enemies and restore 30 health. (Only in single player Adventure mode)
  • Blue: Blue is the second most recovering energy (lowest in multiplayer). In single player you can find these by blowing up boxes or killing enemies. In multiplayer, it can be found sitting on ledges or in hidden places. It has a sky blue outer circle, and a white inner diamond. It restores 60 of your health.
  • Yellow: Yellow is the highest recovering energy in the game. In single player, it is a very rare event to find one from a box or enemy, but be sure to pick it up if you find one. In multiplayer, yellow energy balls are hard to find in small games like a one-on-one, but in larger games, a yellow energy ball is added to the map or is in the spot a blue one would be. It has a yellow outer circle, and the inner is white. It recovers 100 health.


Finding a missile will restore your missile storage tank. In single player you start out with five missiles, but finding missile expansions, you can hold five more with each one. In multiplayer, you start out with five and can continue to fill your reserve tanks with missile expansions until you reach 59 missiles. There are three kinds of missiles:

  • Small: A small missile will increase your missile count by five. These can't be found in single player. In multiplayer, you can only find a small missile if you kill another hunter with a missile, or, if you kill them with a Power Beam shot, you have a 50/50 chance of getting UA or missile.
  • Medium: A medium missile will increase your missile count by ten. These can be found in boxes and on enemies in single player. In multiplayer, you can find these missiles sitting around.
  • Large: A large missile will increase your missile count by 25. These can only be found in single player, and are very rare.

Universal ammo[edit]

Restores sub-weapon ammo (small or large). Max UA ammo can reach up to 400 in Adventure mode. In multiplayer, the max ammo for weapons widely varies. The lowest being 29 (Imperialist), and the highest being 149 (Battlehammer).

  • Single player: Small restores ten, large restores 25.
  • Multiplayer: Small restores five, large restores ten.

Affinity weapon[edit]

This power-up gives your Hunter their weapon of choice. It also provides ammo if you have none to almost none. It gives Samus five missiles regardless of how much ammo she has. The affinity weapon is also a weapon spawn that is on every map. It appears as a gray item.

Double damage[edit]

This is a pretty coveted power-up. Double damage doubles the damage that a Hunter dishes out. Due to lag on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, it is possible for two or more people to have double damage. It also gives your Hunter a cool purple substance moving around on them.

The double damages can be found in Sanctorus, Compression Chamber, Processor Core, High Ground, Ice Hive, Fuel Stack, VDO Gateway, and SIC Transit.


This is a pretty useful power-up. Cloak turns you almost invisible for a short amount of time. With the cloak, you can become the unseen assassin. While it does make you less noticeable, you still show up on the radar (if it's on) and you are about as visible as Trace when he is cloaked.

The Cloak can be found in Subterranean, Weapons Complex, Harvester, Fuel Stack, and SIC Transit.


This is a highly coveted power-up in multiplayer mode. If you are lucky enough to have gotten this over-powered power-up, prepare to have a killing spree. The deathalt locks you into your Alt form, but brings you ultimate power. Anyone in your path that you so much as touch, dies. Grabbing the deathalt using Samus can be a little more difficult. Using the boost you move fast, but when using the deathalt when you boost into someone, they just take boost damage and you don't score a kill.

The deathalt is a very exclusive power-up. It can only be found in Processor Core, Ice Hive and Head Shot.

  • Processor Core: To obtain it, four people must have started the battle. There is a jump pad on one of the longer ends of the level. Go up to it. Jump onto the bridge, then jump off the bridge on the other end of the arena. Turn to left or right and jump to ledge. Turn left if you went right, and right if you went left. Go into Alt form and enter the tunnel in front of you.
  • Head Shot: This one is simple: go into Alt form, then go on jumpad but don't touch your movement controls, or you'll get off course. Go down from the upper level, enter hole in the middle, and there it is!
  • Ice Hive: There are actually three ways to get this one. All involve going up a jump pad. When you spawn, there are two jump pads opposite of each other. There is one with a tunnel-like thing surrounding it and one without anything hiding it from view in a wide open area, with an ice-bridge overhead at a 90° angle if you land on the edge. The fastest way for all Hunters but Weavel, is the way with the tunnel.
    1. Tunnel Path: When you spawn, find the tunnel jump pad. Go up it, and go down the left tunnel. At the end, you can go either left or right. Go right and up the jump pad. Go left and pass two doors, hugging the wall. Find a hole in the wall, jump in it and there it is.
    2. Other Path: Go to the other jump pad. Go through the door, up the ramp, and enter the same spot.
    3. Weavel Path: Go on the "Other Path", yet once you get to the bridge, stop and quad jump onto it. Turn right, then left, hugging the wall. Enter the hole and get the deathalt.