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The Data Shrine should provide for massive alt form battle. The outer ring is a constant loop, allowing one to constantly patrol the perimeter. The outer ring is where the alt form battling will be for the most part. It is a constant struggle for the energy. The wide open central chamber will provide for some intense battles, with every weapon easily available and a missile pack that regenerates in the center of the chamber.

  • Map Size: Medium
  • Conditon: Available from the beginning
  • Supported Modes: Battle, Survival, Prime Hunter, Capture, Defender, Nodes


Hidden Sniping[edit]

In the hole where you get the Imperialist, you can Snipe out of there without being seen. Be warned though, people can still attack you and headshot you.

Mixed battles[edit]

The main hall allows for action-packed fighting with the bridge, platforms and shields adding to the tight atmosphere - use of close-range weapons such as the Judicator, Magmaul and Battlehammer can be beneficial. However, in the winding, continuous corridor, it can become a showdown between Imperialist duelers.

Un-fair Weavel[edit]

Turn into Weavel's alt-form (halfturret) on the little pillar/platform in the middle, where the raised bridge in the middle meets. Leave your turret there, and then go into the outer ring as the top half of Weavel's body. Start running underneath the ground, in circles, constantly picking up the yellow life orbs (worth 100 health). Your turret will automatically fire from the middle, always laying down fire on your opponents. You will actually be running around, getting life for both halves of you. You will always get health (unless someone takes it before you) and your turret will be difficult to kill. Other people will quickly figure out what you are doing, so be very careful.