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Power Beam[edit]

Power Beam
Max ammo Unlimited
  • Normal: 6
  • Headshot: 8
  • Charged: 36
  • Charged headshot: 48

Though the Power Beam is nowhere near as powerful as any of the other weapons, it is stocked with unlimited ammo and can be charged for more powerful shots. While other weapons in multiplayer give the player their kind of ammo, the Power Beam has a 50/50 chance of giving you either a small UA or a small missile.

Missile Launcher[edit]

Missile Launcher
Max ammo 59
  • Normal: 32
  • Charged: 48
  • Splash: 24
  • Charged splash: 32

The Missile Launcher is Samus' affinity weapon. The explosive tipped missiles are a more powerful alternative to the Power Beam. When charged by Samus, the missiles gain homing capabilities. Each hunter gets 10 missiles at the start of a match in multiplayer mode.

Volt Driver[edit]

Volt Driver
Max ammo 119
  • Normal: 14
  • Headshot: 21
  • Charged: 56
  • Charged splash: 1-56

The Volt Driver is capable of transforming energy from a planet's magnetic field into waves of high-voltage electricity. In battle, this weapon has somewhat rapid fire. When used by Kanden, a charged shot from this weapon follows the nearest player and, when hit, distorts their vision while sapping their energy.

Although it's a semi-automatic weapon, the Volt Driver has a fairly high potential rate of fire if you keep tapping the fire button. Aim for the head – although this technically counts for every weapon, the fast-moving and highly accurate uncharged Volt Driver shots make it relatively easy to consistently score repeated headshots at medium and close range. When playing as Kanden, an effective strategy is to charge the weapon to distort the target's vision, then rapidly pump them full of uncharged Volt Driver shots while they're disoriented.


Max ammo 59
  • Normal: 32
  • Charged: 56
  • Charged/Spire: 48+Burn
  • Splash: 16
  • Charged splash: 28

The Magmaul's hydrogen core burns to temperatures in the thousands of degrees, allowing it to fire deadly blobs of superheated magma. When used by Spire, a charged shot explodes upon contact and sets anyone aflame in its wide blast radius, constantly burning them for a few seconds. A charged shot from the Magmaul is faster and more direct than a standard shot. The Magmaul occasionally backfires, especially when being used while running.

The Magmaul can be a pretty effective weapon. When another hunter is coming straight at you, let fly while being careful not to let the projectiles bounce around and hit you. Once you set your foe on fire with Spire, constantly lob more Magmaul shots at them to bring their energy down even faster. The Magmaul is good at defeating alts. A dangerous combo with the Magmaul is a charged shot, then swapping to an Imperialist to finish them off.


Max ammo 29
  • Normal: 36
  • Headshot: 100
  • Scoped: 72
  • Scoped headshot: 200/1-hit KO

The Imperialist is a long-range sniping rifle that fires a thin powerful laser, causing no recoil and minimal noise. The main problem with the weapon is that the length of its beam can betray the shooter's location. Trace can become invisible when he stands still with the Imperialist equipped. A headshot with the Imperialist while it is in zoom mode is an instant kill, while a regular zoomed shot deals 100 damage, and a regular unzoomed shot deals much less. To zoom, press R button or double-tap the icon on the touch screen. If using right-handed, non-stylus setup, you can press Select button or double-tap the icon.

Due to the thin beam that the Imperialist fires, it is ineffective at close quarters. The best use of the Imperialist is from long range. Imperialist users may favor Trace, due to the bonus of turning almost completely invisible whilst holding the Imperialist and standing still. The best use of the Imperialist is to stand away from the main battle, ideally as Trace. You will want high ground with cover for yourself, but a clear line of sight is necessary. Often the Imperialist can be found in such places. If you are playing as Trace, then stand still to become invisible. This will give you an element of surprise.

Sometimes the Imperialist can be useful in close quarters. When in close combat, zoom in with the Imperialist and aim at opposing hunters' heads. Using the Imperialist in this way may take some practice, but it can be pretty effective. When using the Imperialist on Wi-Fi, you have to be more precise. Because of lag, you will often need to predict where your opponent will be in about one second, because it takes time for the shot to reach your opponent's DS.

Hiding around a corner, waiting for someone to come in, then getting a headshot is rather effective against biped foes, but don't stay in one spot for too long. The long, red beam fired by the Imperialist might as well be a huge arrow pointing to your position. If enemies know your position, then smarter opponents will try to flank you, and possibly catch you off-guard. Rather, if you come across a secluded spot, fire off a few shots and move on.

If you fire the Imperialist from far enough away, you can hit glitchers though the walls.*You may not want to be Trace even if you plan to use the Imperialist. This is because most high tier players can spot the invisible Trace, and as you would be standing still, you would likely receive a headshot. Some players prefer Sylux, because of the Lockjaw's speed and maneuverability.

Note that Kanden has one of the largest headshot areas, as long as you aim for his neck. Actually hitting the head is more than likely to just go through with no damage.


Max ammo 119
  • Normal: 24
  • Headshot: 32
  • Charged: 72
  • Charged/Noxus: 12
  • Charged headshot: 96

The Judicator is a powerful weapon that can shatter the enemy by blasting them with streams of energy that have been supercooled to absolute zero. The uncharged shot does 24 damage. When used by Noxus, the charged shot releases a wave of energy that freezes anyone within close range and does 12 damage. About three to four more shots may be dealt to a frozen character. When the charged shot is used by anyone else, three regular shots are fired.

The Judicator is most effective in smaller, closed spaces. In smaller spaces, it's easier to actually hit your opponent, and if your aim is good, to get a headshot. Noxus can aim at the ground while facing an enemy to shadow freeze them at any distance (must be on same level). This may be considered a glitch due to the extension not being visible and the infinite distance, while some consider it a tactic, so you stand a chance of your opponent disconnecting if you do this. You can also angle freeze someone above or below you, because the gun discharges above and below the direction you are aiming at infinitely.

Another great combo with Noxus is to freeze your opponent, then quickly pull out the Imperialist and headshot the him. If done correctly, it is an instant kill. The Judicator shots bounce off walls, until they hit an opponent or fizzle out. Due to this, they can be used with great effect in winding corridors such as those found on Ice Hive and Fuel Stack.

Shock Coil[edit]

Shock Coil
Max ammo 59
Damage N/A

The Shock Coil emits high-density neutrinos to blast close range targets with continuous waves of concussive force. This prototype still remains under development and remains somewhat unstable. When used by Sylux, this weapon steadily saps the opponent's energy and transfers that energy over to Sylux. While it is hard to get out of the Shock Coil's grasp, it is not impossible. An easy way to stop it from shocking you is to go into Alt form. This stops the Shock Coil and makes it harder to get a lock, since you are moving faster and are smaller.


Max ammo 149
  • Normal: 12
  • Normal/Weavel: 12-18
  • Splash: 12

The Battlehammer utilizes a miniature nuclear engine to propel heavy projectiles in an arc. When used by Weavel, the projectiles have a wide blast radius, which is perfect for knocking opponents off ledges and platforms. The Battlehammer can also be used as an anti-sniping device. When you lob bullets at the enemy, it blocks their vision by showing the explosion on their screen, making it harder to snipe.

Omega Cannon[edit]

Omega Cannon
Max ammo 1
  • Direct hit: 200
  • Splash: 200

The Omega Cannon is the most powerful weapon in the game. The Omega Cannon fires a slow moving supernova-like projectile that is so powerful, it will annihilate any hunter that has not taken cover. The Omega Cannon is only available in the battle with Gorea 2 and the multiplayer arena Oubliette. Occasionally, there is a glitch where the user of the Omega Cannon will instantly die.