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Ice Hive is a fairly large arena with many winding paths and corridors that all meet at one central area. This area has many Sniping and Ambush points. Possessing the Judicator, Volt Driver, Imperialist, a Deathalt and a Double Damage, vicious and extreme combat will play out at Ice Hive.

  • Map Size: Medium
  • Conditon: Available from the beginning
  • Supported Modes: Battle, Survival, Prime Hunter, Capture, Defender, Nodes


  • A very common thing on this level is to quickly get the Deathalt and rack up some kills. A way to avoid this is to go the opposite way of your enemy to the Deathalt area. There is a fallen pillar almost right beside the inset where you find the Deathalt. Across the makeshift bridge, jump onto the small pillar for safety from the terrible effects of the Deathalt. Heed this though, most alt-forms drop some sort of bomb and Dialanche has the ability to climb. Enemies, if determined enough, can find a way to get at you.
  • Near the back side of the main room, away from the Judicator, there are two ledges. Normally you can only get to one, but Sylux can bomb-glide to it from the peak of the jump pad by the Judicator. It is also a very safe place to hide from the Deathalt - even most Sylux users can't get there, so it is very useful if you get to it.
  • The fastest and safest way to the Deathalt can be reached by Sylux. Go towards the Judicator, but instead of taking that path, go to the right immediately after you get on the plateau and use the Lockjaw bombs to scale the wall up to the bridge. If done correctly, it is the fastest way to the Deathalt.