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This is one of the larger arenas, so do not expect to much close combat. This arena is excellent to play defender in. With the ring positioned in the large circular room with the open roof, this is an excellent chance for sniping practice. You can easily snipe the oblivious hunter in the ring below and claim the ring as your own.

  • Map Size: Large
  • Conditon: Play 16 Multiplayer games
  • Supported Modes: Battle, Survival, Prime Hunter, Capture, Bounty, Defender, Nodes



  • Council Chamber is a large arena, and when playing, it may not be possible keep track of everyone at once. Because of this, just latch onto one of your opponents and follow them where ever they go.
  • When moving through and in the main sandy area, it is advised to travel in alt form. In this area, you are at extreme risk of being sniped at, so keep to your alt and move around erratically to scramble your opponent's aim.


  • Normal Play

One way to get the defender ring into your possession is to snipe the hunters from the roof of the round room. Use the jump pad to get to the upper levels of the arena. Head into the area with the roof of the room holding the defender ring. With ammo and the Imperialist nearby, you can easily camp out and snipe any hunters holding the ring below.

  • Team Play

To properly defend and keep the ring for your team, one member of your team needs to be Noxus. Once at the ring, have the team member thats Noxus stand to the side of the doorway. The other team mate stands in the defender ring. As hunters from the enemy team come in from the doorway, ambush them and freeze them. Once they are frozen, you or your team mate can take them out.

Sniping Spots[edit]

  1. The first sniping spot is relatively easy to get to. One the ground of the main area of the arena, move onto the jump pad that sends you to the upper area of the arena. Right after you hit the jump pad, steer yourself backwards. This should land you up onto the high ledge where the security computer as located in single player. This spot gives you a great vantage point over the upper area of the arena, but is poor for sniping elsewhere.
  2. On the far side of the main area, there are many great sniping spots. These spots consist of small ledges and outcroppings, most only accessible by Spire. Once reached, these spots give you an excellent view over the entire arena.