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Samus Aran.

Considered by many to be the most well-balanced character in the game. Her affinity weapon is the missile launcher. When charged up, the missile launcher is more powerful and can home in on enemies to a point, but not like Kanden's volt driver. Her alt-form is the Morph Ball. The Morph Ball is fast, small, and can leave up to three bombs. She is not the character with the most outright firepower, but she is very well balanced and is a good pick for those who are new to the game.


  • The most effective strategy with Samus is to either annihilate enemy hunters with her homing missiles, or roll into Morph Ball and zip around the arena speed boosting, dropping bombs and wreaking havoc.
  • To get hunters hiding behind narrow walls, charge a missile by holding the left shoulder button for a prolonged period. Then shoot a little to the left or right. It can curve into them, and then at least the splash damage will hurt them.
  • One advantage she has is she can get away quickly, while laying bombs. Now you can stop people from chasing you, and can get to health.
  • You can boost into people, and then lay three bombs, doing a fairly easy 68 damage. Or you can boost, lay a bomb. Boost, lay a bomb. Boost, etc. without running out of bombs.
  • Though thought to be weak, her Morph Ball and missiles can be anywhere from annoying to devastating.
  • If you have elevation, missiles work even better.
  • Shooting charged missiles from springs like the one in Alinos Perch, gives you a great angle and means it's very hard to dodge them.
  • The Morph ball is stopped by heights. If your opponent is on higher ground, give up trying to get them, go get health and ammo and when they come down attack them.
  • If you are running for health at insane speeds, remember your opponent has chance to refresh their health, ammo & even get extra weapons. If you do have to run for health, remember to be prepared to be forced into running again after your trip. Also, remember the zoomed Imperialist deals 72 damage to the Morph Ball. Even at your speed, if you have less than 72 health do not go into the open unless you know there aren't any Imperialists in the stage.
  • The missile launcher's homing is effective at medium-long ranges, but are not at extremely long ranges (e.g. in Alinos Gateway where when fired from the top of the 'pyramid' to the ground, missiles are often inaccurate) even with higher ground

Morph Ball[edit]

Morph Ball

Samus may transform into a small rolling ball with the capacity to lay bombs. Three bombs may be laid at any one time by pressing the left shoulder button L button, but do take a brief time to recharge if all 3 are deployed. The bombs detonate after around 2 seconds or ignite on impact with an unfortunate Hunter. The Morph Ball will roll downhill, even when frozen, so it is not advisable to leave it on a slope. By holding and releasing R button or stroking the screen with the touch pen quickly, the Morph Ball will boost. The boost causes 20 damage to anyone Samus hits. Do not boost into a Vhoscythe with it's blade out as you will do no damage, instead being repelled taking 48 damage. The boost can be used to change direction quickly: While holding Up stroke down quickly on the touch screen to reverse direction without loss of speed. This is also one of the few that can use their own bombs to jump in the air. With bomb jumping, the Alt. Form can go high distances, the max amount you can do is 2 Jumps (double bomb jump). Leave a bomb, wait 2 seconds, lay another, than when you launch up, lay another bomb. Executed right, you will jump up from the second bomb,into the third bomb, propelling you twice as high. It is also notable that the Morph Ball is one of the faster alt-forms, if not the fastest (when taking into account boost), ideal for chasing dawdling Dialanches or fleeing even lightning Lockjaws; coupled with her bombs, this makes the Morph Ball a very well-rounded alt-form, like Samus herself.